Beauty Regime

Cleanse your face
No matter how little time you have in the morning or how tired you are in the evening don’t forget to cleanse your skin. The skin becomes very dirty and oily during the day, due to the environmental pollutants – smoke, dust, greasy makeup etc. There is a wide range of different cleansing products appropriate for different skin types. They not only remove the impurities and oils, embedded in your pores, but they also moisturize and nourish your skin, remove the dead skin cells and shrink the enlarged pores. Those who are always in a hurry prefer the 3-in-1 products which combine cleansing milk, tonic and cleanser. The wet cleansing wipes are also appropriate for every day use. Besides being comfortable and always being on hand, you can use them during the day – to remove the lipstick from the lips, or the greasy eyeshadows.

Protect your skin
Don’t go out without wearing a sunscreen. During the summer the skin doesn’t dry as much as during the winter but yet you should moisturize it / even if your skin is oily/. Use a lotion or a gel in place of hydrating cream. This way you will avoid the unpleasing shine. Before going to bed, apply a regenerating night cream. It’ll protect your skin from the loss of moisture and the skin will look be more elastic and fresh in the morning. The eyes also need attention. Use a special eye cream in the morning and at night. In the morning – a product that treats the dark circles under the eyes, and in the evening – for nourishing the delicate skin.

Moisturize your body
After taking a shower or a tub, take care of your body, but make sure you use the right products. The light hydrating body lotion is appropriate for normal or combination skin. The toilet body milk moisturizes and nourishes the de-hydrated skin, leaving it soft and silky. The scents of these products should match your perfume.
From time to time alternate hydrating product with nourishing cream or oils, rich in natural oils and vitamins.

Determine your feeblenesses/ sweet, bread, meat, fried foods/ and fight with them. Limit the fats, flour, sugar and alcohol intake. When you wake up in the morning, drink one glass hot water with honey and lemon. The hot water won’t only boost your energy level but it will also purify your liver.

Every week

Facial mask

A cleansing mask must be done two times a week for those with oily skin and one a week for normal skin, once in 10 days for those with dry or sensitive skin. Nourishing masks, for dry or normal skin, as well as hydrating masks for every skin type should be done once a week. If your skin is very de-hydrated you can recuperate it with moisturizing masks and creams. Apply them in the morning and the feeling of tightness will disappear immediately and your skin will brighten up. Make your own SPA once a week

At the end of the week organize a night SPA soance. Do face peeling/ once a week/, body peeling/ twice a week/. Add to your “beauty-list” nourishing hair and hands mask. Relax in the bath-tub with aromatic salts and essential oils. To learn how to create your own SPA at home see the article Make Your Own SPA With Natural Products. Go to a sauna or steam-room to detox your body from the toxins.

Every month

One visit to the beauty parlour in the month is the minimum that you owe to yourself. The different masks for deep-cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, peeling will make your skin glow again. Do a body massage twice a month, to keep your body in good shape and to relax from the daily stress, and a facial massage once a month to stimulate the blood circulation and to improve the skin’s structure, to counter wrinkles and fine lines.

Don’t forget your hair – trimming, dyeing, nourishing masks.
Do yourself pedicure, especially during the summer months.

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