Make Your Hair To Look Wet

Autumn’s beginning passes in attempts to hold onto the last bits of the leaving summer. What would be better than a hairstyle that looks as though you have just gotten out of the water? Now this is a beautiful sight. What is even better is that it can be easily done at home.

The “wet effect”
tendency is neither new nor difficult to achieve. It requires a hair styling product and minimal efforts. Of course, there are several tricks that will ease the process:

The wetter the hair, the stronger the “wet effect” will be after the hair styling product is applied. The reverse rule also applies: if you put the styling product on dry hair, it will weigh the hair down and create a dread lock look.

For a more attractive and sea-like hairstyles, instead of applying moisturizing hair gel (or another styling product – spray, wax or foam) on the entire hair, do it on separate locks only. This way you will achieve slick and tousled locks that alternate in a gorgeous “sea-like wet” hairstyle.

A sleek ponytail can be extremely attractive and sexy. The “wet effect” can be achieved by smoothing the hair in the base of the neck and applying some styling product on separate locks in the ponytail.

Combining the “wet” and “shine” effects will make your hairstyle irresistible. It is the best solution for an evening party or a formal event during the warm summer days and nights.

Let the beginning of the “wet effect” hair styling start now:

Multifunctional oil with sparkling bits Huile Prodigieuse OR from Nuxe, 50 ml – 53 $

The ethereal oils and vitamin E complex rebuilds, nourishes and protects hair. The product is absorbed instantaneously without leaving any residue and makes the hair silky smooth and shiny. A golden veil of protection and nourishment for dry or damp hair.

Hair gel Aqua gel Wet Look from Nivea Hair Care, 150 ml – 5,70 $

This hair gel gives ultra strong hold for long-lasting fixation throughout the entire day, allowing you to sculpt the desired hairstyle. The innovative formula, which includes nutritional Vitamin B3, provides an exclusive “wet effect” and shine without drying the hair or sticking the locks together.

Moisturizing hair cream for Fast & Easy Combing with banana and coconut milk extract from Avon, 150 ml – 3,50 $

The cream detangles and revitalizes hair for smooth, easy combing. It also moisturizes, strengthens and beautifies the hair and protects against blow drying.

“Wet Look” Hair GelTaft Wet Look from Schwarzkopf, 150 ml – 5,29 $

The unique formula provides ultra strong fixation and “wet effect” with long-lasting shine – up to 24 hours.

Hair gel Taft Reflex-Shine Schwarzkopf, 150 ml – 5,29 $

This product provides extremely strong fixation at level 4. It adds brilliant shine to the hair and infuses light reflection. The non-sticking and easy-rinsing texture leaves the hair with a natural feel.

Hair wax Taft Silk-Flex from Schwarzkopf, 150 ml – 5,29 $

The ultra-conditioning formula leaves hair with a beautiful high-gloss finish. The easy-rinsing product provides instant fixing while softening the hair.

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