Take Care Of Makeup Brushes

The flawless and perfect makeup is all about blending and using the right products, that’s why a good set of brushes and others makeup tools such as eyelash curler, tweezers, puffs and sponges, is essential in the application of any makeup. The makeup tools will make the application easier and more professional looking. Using the right makeup tools is the key to making the products go on the way they are intended and to give you the look you want.

The makeup brushes come in variety of forms and shapes. Every one has its own function. Most of them are made from red sable, ox hair, camel hair and black sable. A good set should include big soft brush for powder, fine for the eyelids, a flat one for the eye shadows and an eyebrow comb. The rounded brushes are used for eye-lining and character lining. The flat are used for eye-color application, lip-color application and blending.

Powder brushes are the largest. They are full and round in shape. The powder brushes work with all kinds of powder – loose, bronzing and pressed. It’s best bet for sweeping away excess powder from your face. Don’t forget to knock the excess powder off the brush before you apply the color to your face.

Blush brushes are slightly flatter in shape than the powder brushes. They allow you to apply the blusher evenly. The blush brushes are designed to define the natural curves of the cheekbones. They help grab and distribute the powder blush evenly.

Eyeliner brushes are the smallest with fine trapped end. They allow the fines lines to be drawn around the eye and are ideal for creating a thin and well-controlled line. The eyeliner brushes can be used for both powder and cream eyeliners.

Eyeshadow come in variety of forms. The softer the brush is, the more diffused and blended the eye shadow will be.

Concealer are used for concealing blemishes and small imperfections. They help distribute cream makeup evenly.

Lipstick are small, fairy stiff brush with a straight edge. They are used for outlining the lips as well as applying the color for a lasting and good-looking effect.

Sponges are the mainstay of foundation, cream pr powder blush, powder or concealer application.

Puffs are best for applying powder, powder foundation or powder blush.

Tweezers> – a good pair of tweezers for eyebrow care is essential to remove any stray hairs which would spoil the eyeshadow application.

Eyelash curler – when curling the eyelashes your eyes will looking wider, brighter and highlighted. There are two types of curlers – metal and plastic and in my opinion the metal one are better than the plastic ones. Remember – always curl your lashes before applying mascara.

How to care for your brushes and other makeup tools:

  • wash your brushes every month in order to keep them clean and avoid infections and irritations
  • if you have shared your makeup tools with somebody else always clean them before using them
  • wash the sponges with liquid soap and hot water
  • put your brushes into running water pointing downward and leave them to dry
  • use different brushes for the different makeup products
  • clean your brushes at night in order to use them in the morning without worries
  • Shape the brush with your fingers in order to maintain their natural shape

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