Skin at 20s-50s

Your Skin at 20s Your 20s is not only a great time in your life, but for your skin as well.

At 20 your skin is still plump, firm and strong. It’s a physically beautiful decade and your skin is at its best. The cells turnover starts to slow as early as your mid-20s and by the end of the decade first lines begin to appear where skin is thinnest / around the eyes and mouth/.

You should discover your skin type in order to use the appropriate cosmetic products. Using an eye cream must be an essential part of your beauty regime. The eye cream helps prevent the appearance deeper lines and wrinkles. The daily sun protection is also a must to prevent the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. So choose a moisturizer with SPF15 during the winter months and moisturizer with SPF35 during the summer months. You can still experience some breakouts, that’s why an oil-free concealer is your best friend during breakouts such as pimples, dark spots and blemishes.

Makeup: At 20 your skin is still young and looks gorgeous so don’t cover up or cake it. Keep the skin sheer and transparent. Experiment with colors for eyes, lips and cheeks. Try not to put too much makeup, choose natural colors for eyeshadows and lips. Avoid using oily makeup products. One sweep of mascara and a slick of pink lip gloss are ample.

Care: A proper daily cleansing and moisturizing routine is important. Use alcohol and oil-free cleansers and lotions. Apply a hydrating face cream every day and don’t forget to use sunscreens. Avoid using overly drying cleansers because they can increase your likelihood of experiencing skin irritation. Using non-soap cleansers can be a better choice.

Your Skin at 30s
Skin: At the age of 30 the early signs of sun damage may be evident. You can also start to notice some radical changes like appearance of wrinkles/ especially around the eyes, mouth and forehead/, fine lines and dark spots. The skin starts to look less radiant and firm. It becomes finer, thinner and more delicate. The skin at 30s tends to wrinkle more easily and is often filed with tiny superficial lines. That’s why it is essential to start using anti-aging products, and don’t forget to apply an eye cream daily.

The most common skin problem in 30s is the wrinkles around the eyes. The wrinkles appear because the skin in this area is much thinner and more sensitive than on the other parts of the face.

The main cause of the appearance of the wrinkles around the eyes is laughing, smiling and squinting, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop smiling. You can prevent the appearance of wrinkles in this area by using a good eye cream. The eye cream is absolutely essential part of your skin care regime.

Makeup: Always wear SPF30 every day, apply the sunscreen not only to the face, but also on the hands and neck. An illuminating foundation is the best pick-up for your skin. Nude lips and barely-there glossy lips always look polished and urbane. Don’t wear too much eye makeup. Choose natural shades for the eyes and peachy shades for the lipstick.

Care: The 30s skin care regime should include daytime protection against the UV rays. A program of good skin nourishment and lubrication with appropriate night creams if highly recommended. You should maintain a well-balanced diet, consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, whole grains and chicken meat. In order to keep your skin hydrated you should drink plenty of water, at least 1 liter per day. If you smoke stop now in order to brighten the skin and to reduce wrinkles by up to 60% later on.

Your Skin at 40s

Skin: At the age of 40 all cells turnover slows, skin becomes thicker, coarser and less dewy. The wrinkles seem more established and become more visible. The oil production also slows down, reducing the natural lubrication. The deeper wrinkles and the loss of elasticity are the most common conditions of the skin at the age of 40 or behind. As collagen production slows down, the skin loses its firmness.

Look for retinol-based creams that firm by boosting collagen, gentle peels to quicken cell turnover and freshen dull skin, and anti-wrinkle peptide formulas that target stubborn lines.

At your 40s you shouldn’t stop using sun protection products. Choose a sunscreen with SPF15 or more.

Makeup: During the years the blood circulation slows, leaving skin and lips with less of a blush. Before applying makeup take a bit of dense cream, warm it in your hands and pat it on, it will give you a dewy, fresh appearance. Be careful with the foundation shade. Use a dewy base to make the skin glow, warm earthy tones to soften the eyes and glossy lipstick to freshen your entire face. Stick to neutral tones and don’t wear too much eye makeup, because it can make the wrinkles around the eyes even more visible. At 40s its time to stop using a face powder, because at this age the skin becomes drier and most powders can dry it further and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Care: The skin care habits need to adapt to your changing skin to fortify and keep youthful radiance beaming as much as the outside as it does within. So don’t forget to take care of your skin as you did in your 20s and 30s. Apply a day and a night face creams, exfoliate the skin once a week and eat healthy foods.

Your Skin at 50s
Skin: At the age of 50 you will start to notice radical changes. The oestrogen slump means weaker collagen and slacker dryer skin. The lack of moisture also contribute to slow cell turnover and repair, while a lifetime’s sun damage mean age spots are most obvious. The skin becomes thinner and retains less water, the wrinkles and fine lines may deepen into folds.

You should use a deep moisturizer for hydration, as well as a collagen-boosting cream for firmness. You can also brighten up the dull skin with light-reflective tints and texture. The firming foundations lift and help to smooth lines. The super-hydrating formulas that help skin to retain moisture will plump the skin and boost cell performance.

You mustn’t forget the eye and the night cream, as well as appropriate sunscreen.

Makeup: Use a highlighter pen to lift droopy brows, it heighten cheekbones and help to hide the fine lines. A fresh pink lipstick boosts your skin tone, and waterproof lip-liner stops it creeping into lines. The foundation should be lighter and applied only where you need it. At your 50s you may think that you shouldn’t wear any makeup but that’s not true. You are still beautiful and amazing, a little lipstick and eyeshadows that highlight your eyes will emphasize you beauty.

Care: To give your skin the best chance of defending itself against the effects of aging you need to follow a simple daily routine, but remember the skin at 50s requires gentle cleansing. Start by deep-cleansing to remove the impurities that clog your skin, and then remove the all remaining residue with a mild toner. Cleanse your skin with alcohol-free formulas. Choose products containing natural ingredients such as milk, honey, yogurt. The skin care at 50s requires gentle cleansing. The daytime protective moisturizers will help the skin maintain its suppleness and moisture.

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