Makeup For Glasses

Most of the women who wear glasses don’t use any makeup because they think that their eyes are “hidden” behind the glasses but that isn’t a true.

We offer you a few tips for the most appropriate makeup when wearing glasses and the shades that will be more appropriate for you. Keep in mind that the glasses magnify the makeup, so you should be very careful when applying makeup.

If you are nearsighted / med. Myopia/ your eyes look smaller. It’s good to use colored eye shadows in pink or blue shade, as well as applying a thin line or of eye liner. If your eyes appear round you can apply stronger eye makeup close to the eyelashes. For more seductive look add a little bit highlighter below the eyebrows to emphasize your eyes.

Be careful with the mascara, your lashes should never touch your glasses. Apply just one coat mascara and make sure it is hypoallergenic. Avoid using waterproof mascara.

When long-sightedness / med. Hypermetropia/ the eyes become bigger and that’s why you can apply eye shadows in mat shades – beige, brown, pink, orange. If you add eyeliner in the same shade as your iris the effect will be striking.

Those women with astigmatism can use stronger makeup. Apply eye pencil to the upper lids and blend carefully. Apply eye shadows in shade that matches your eye color. Avoid using graying, bluish or greenish shades as they make your look too “sharp”.

A great end of your makeup will be applying volumizing mascara and lip gloss. Beware of clumps or smudges, since these will be much more obvious under the glasses.


  • Less makeup is best.
  • Avoid applying dark eye shadow shades.
  • When using eye liner, apply a thin line close to lashes and smudge it out.
  • Use eye shadows in neutral shades.
  • Keep your eyebrows as groomed as possible – the eyebrows should be even with the top of the frame or a bit higher.
  • If your glasses have black frames keep your eye makeup as natural as possible.

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