Hirsutism: Excessive Hair Growth

About 7 percent of the women suffer from excessive hair growth. A few dark hairs around the nipples for example maybe normal but if the hair is similar to that of a man it is probably a condition called hirsutism.

Hirsutism is the term used for increased hair growth in women in areas that are not usually hairy – hairs over the face, chest, back, stomach, thighs and upper arms.

Excessive hair growth is women can be very distressing and unpleasant and can often indicate presence of hormonal problems that require examination. Excess androgen hormones often make terminal hairs heavier, thicker and darker.

Hirsutism can range from a few dark chin hairs to a mustache and sideburns to a full bread and hairy chest. Excessive hair growth in women usually occurs in the midline of the body – upper lip, chin, abdomen and chest.

Excessive hair should be a matter of great concern to a woman. There could be many reasons for excessive hair growth like congenital cause, imbalance of hormones, pregnancy, irregular menses, mental tension.


  • Production of male hormones
  • Menopause
  • Some medications
  • Excessive hair growth can be hereditary
  • Ovarian/ adrenal tumors
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Hyperthecosis
  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Metabolic disorders

Hirsutism has a variety of causes most of which relate to excess androgen production.
The most common cause of excessive hair growth in women is the presence of male hormones / androgens/. In other words the hair follicles produce mostly terminal type hair.

Menopause can also cause hirsutism because of decreased estrogen. Before and after menopause the ovaries don’t ovulate regularly and the estrogen levels drop – the continued androgen production leads to an increased in the number of terminal hairs.

Some medications can cause excessive hair growth in women. These include – testosterone, anabolic steroids, danazol, metryrapone.
In 2 percent of the cases the cause is the presence of ovarian tumor, because tumors produce androgens.

Other common cause of hirsutism is Cushing’s syndrome – excess cortisol production can cause excessive hair growth in both men and women.

The symptom of hirsutism is the excessive growth of hair in women on chin, face, chest, around the nipples and abdomen. Consult a doctor to determine the cause of your hirsutism.


You should never feel embarrassed and uncomfortable about your hirsutism. You are not the only one with this problem. Hirsutism is a symptom rather than a disease and may be a sign of a more serious medical indication.

Hirsutism is usually treated with hormones.

Birth control pills are most commonly used. They prevent ovarian androgen production.

Spironolactones are also used to treat excessive hair growth because they block the effect of androgens on the hair follicles.

If your hirsutism is caused by a tumor it should be removed surgically.

Temporarily ways to remove excessive hair include:

Waxing – Waxing is the most useful method for removing unwanted hair. Waxing removes hair for long periods of time and hair that is waxed grow back finer.If you have a mild facial hair problem, waxing will control the situation without causing stubble.

Plucking – Unfortunately the hair removal when plucking is temporarily (around two/three weeks) and stimulates the hair follicles to grow stronger hair.

Laser hair removal – The laser is the best way to remove unwanted body hair. Common treatment locations include legs, armpits, upper lip, bikini line, chin and back. Hair follicles absorb the light and heat up, destroying the hair and preventing re-growth. A percentage of these follicles are permanently disabled with each treatment. The laser targets only the cells under the surface and doesn’t harm the surrounding areas.

Electrolysis – Electrolysis destroys hair follicles with the heat generated by an electrolic current. Electrolysis can remove the unwanted hair permanently after five/ six sessions.
Never shave your face, chest and abdomen. Never.

How to Treat Hirsutism
Hirsutism is a condition that affects mostly women. Hirsutism causes terminal hair growth in places that are normal for men such as on the chest or the face. This condition occurs when hair follicles are overexposed to androgenic hormones. These hormones usually occur in men during puberty; in addition to having sexual purposes, they also stimulate the growth of chest and facial hair.

All women naturally have a certain amount androgens in their bodies. However, if a woman’s levels are increased, she will very likely develop hirsutism. Several factors can contribute to raised androgen levels, including common hormonal imbalances and endocrine disorders, cancerous tumors, particularly those that affect the ovaries, and raised insulin levels.

As a matter of fact, it is very much thought that obesity, which can greatly raise a person’s insulin levels, may be one of the main causes of hirsutism. Studied have shown that, if a person can lower his or her insulin levels, the severity of hirsutism decreases.

There are several pharmaceuticals that doctors can prescribe to treat hirsutism. Most drugs, such as Metformin, are used to control insulin levels and, therefore, are often prescribed to diabetic patients. However, there are other drugs, such as Elfornitin, that are used to stop the growth of hair follicles.

Hirsutism can also be controlled by traditional hair removal methods. Using depilatories is very effective; although shaving is an option, it might not be a good idea for those with extremely thick hair growth. Plucking can also work, but only if a person has a lot of patience. Waxing can be done, either in a salon or at home. However, it is advisable to go to a salon: home waxing kits can be rather dangerous.

Although laser hair removal is quite effective, it can be very painful and can cause adverse effects such as changes in pigmentation.

However, electrolysis is the most recommended method. Although it is very expensive and can be rather painful, it will remove unwanted hair once and for all.

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    • Deb Allen wrote:
      Any articles or reviews on skin foundation that aids in covering a facial mustache???

    • Silvia Yaneva wrote:
      Dead Dab Allen, Unfortunately there hasn't been yet discovered a way to hide a moustache. Unfortunately there isn't a foundation nor yet a face powder that has the ability to hide a moustache. The only way to hide it /depending on the thickness of the hair and on the color / is to bleach it with the help of a special bleaching gel or cream, and of course the most popular way to remove an unwanted hair - to wax it. Let's hope that somebody will discover a permanent way to hide a moustache soon, or even better - to remove it permanently.

    • sippy wrote:
      how to controle the facial hair growth, and how to reduce the hair density in men?

    • sippy wrote:
      i'm a 20 year old man. i have too much rough facial hairs which are difficult to shave off completely... i dont want the beard. is there any way to make my beard clean shaven? naturally my hair growth is more... How to control the growth?... please help. . .

    • miss khan wrote:
      hi!! em realy suffering from facial hair growth...its v embarassing. what do i do? ma harmone test was correct. n i have used different medicines...em not finding any way to get rid ov ths.

    • mirasol wrote:
      hi!!!im really suffering from execessive hair growth especially on my face but not only there but also on my legs..very embarassing... what is the remedy should i do since i dont hve enough money to go a doctor and have test about my hormones? i cant take shaving all the time....cant find any way to get rid of this..hoping your kind to answer my problem..thank you!!

    • Silvia Yaneva wrote:
      Dear Mirasol, in my opinion the best thing you can do is to consult a doctor and test your chormone levels. Excessive hair growth is 99% caused by chormone changes. Never shave the excessive hair growth of your face - never it will only get worse. Wax it or try laser hair removal but forget about shaving. Go to a doctor immediately and he/she can prescribe you a medicine that may help you. Regards,

    • farah wrote:
      HI. Well, is there a natural way to block hirsuitism? I really don't want to take birth control pills? :( everything you wrote about, I have it! I am only 23 yrs old. :( I feel so like a man. Please email me any remedies or natural cures. I went to the doc but i dont want to take birth control pills as ive taken it before to control my menstruation and it didn't work.

    • kavita wrote:
      hi, i am suffering from hirsuitism and it is very embarrasing.i have hair growth over my face,chest,abdomen,thighs which is abnormal.i did some hormone tests like-androgen level,testosterone levels,oestrogen,prolactin and even usg to rule out pcos but there was no abnormality.what shall i do?please help!

    • Missy wrote:
      Hello, I have a little hair on my upper lips and other parts of my body and really truly wish to remove it.I haven seen a doc cos my parents don want me to go...[lol they wanna save money]My mum said that waxing is just as pain as plucking and that waxing the mouthstarch grows faster than plucking and have to do it often.I don know whether it is true...As an advice should a 14-year old use waxing?What should i do?Help cos my classmates are all teasing me like mad.Reply me as soon as possible pls!

    • Missy wrote:
      Btw,how long does it last for waxing out the hair on my upper lips?Plucking is two to three weeks so how long is the long period for waxing?

    • Silvia Yaneva wrote:
      Dear Missy, I do not see anything wrong in waxing the hair on the upper lip at your age. The result depends on how thick the hair is. Waxing usually lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. Try to wax and see how it works for you. The other thing you can do is try to bleach /only if the hairs are not thick and too dark/ or try laser hair removal. regards,

    • Missy wrote:
      Hi,er my mother says that waxing should not be done for those with sensitive skin...,er she asked me to use threading method...Er will my skin bleed or get rashes if i use waxing on sensitive skin?Cos my mother's friend had used waxing and she had sensitive skin,she got two red marks on her upper lips that only recovered after one month...So is waxing or threading better?

    • Missy wrote:
      Btw will threading cause my facial hair to grow back faster and thicker???HELP!

    • Missy wrote:
      To everyone,i just threaded,warning for those who wanna do waxing method..the growth of hair is the same but threading is better because there is no side effects.Waxing is more painful and if u are unlucky or got sensitive skin u will get rashes and disfigure ur face.mAKE UR CHOICE.i JUST DONE IT.Its not really painful...

    • Missy New wrote:
      Er i have a question again,will shaving my leg hairs and hand hairs stimulate thicker and more growth of the hair?Or will it just remain same growth?i need help!Pls.

    • Silvia Yaneva wrote:
      Dear Missy, Although many women prefer to shave their legs I do not recommend shaving the legs as the hairs will grow back faster /and in most of the cases thicker/and after a few months you will have to shave almost everyday. Try waxing, using depilating cream or laser hair removal. As for the hands – never, never shave them. If you want to get rid of the unwanted hairs on your hands wax them. Regards,

    • Missy New wrote:
      I c...Ty for ur advice...i've try waxing.If i wanna use hair removal cream on my hands,can?

    • Missy New wrote:
      omg,actually i just shaved my hands and legs...[once]will it stimulate thicker growth?Omg,forever?Or if i just do waxing it will resume normal growth?Will hair removal cream have same results as waxing and do not stimulate thicker hair growth?If so,can u introduce me some products for sensitive skin?ty...

    • laila wrote:
      im 15 and still in puberty. before hand i just thought i was realy hairy because my dad is. but lately ive noticed within the past couple years that i have a hairly abdomen (stomac), hairy nipples, and i have hairs on my chin. it is really embarrasing and i try to cut my chin hair but it grows back 2 quickly i dont know what to do. i just want to find something that will work, wont damage my face and wont be that expensive.

    • jenny wrote:
      i really need help, i shaved my legs for a couple years and i had really nice legs but since i have light skin and really dark hair i started realizing that my leg hair was getting thicker and it did and it is terrible i tried waxing and my hair grew terribly fast and its just dark with really light skin and it looks like a dalmations legs im so ebarrased to wear shorts or even go too the pool i wear pants in the summer and its just terrible i have black stubs after i shave and in the morning since i have fast hair growth it feels like sand paper and i really dont know its just terribl PLEASE HELP if anyone could help me i would apreciate it.

    • Missy New wrote:
      omg,actually i just shaved my hands and legs…[once]will it stimulate thicker growth?Omg,forever?Or if i just do waxing it will resume normal growth?Will hair removal cream have same results as waxing and do not stimulate thicker hair growth?If so,can u introduce me some products for sensitive skin?ty…

    • New Here wrote:
      Hi,i just done threading.I wanna know if threading is the same as plucking out ur hair?Will it stimulate faster and thicker growth or the hair growth will remain the same or will it grow finer?If it grows finer then will it be more or be lesser?HELP!

    • sammy wrote:
      hi, iv been threading my upper lip for almost 3 years and now my upper lip has gone really dark. so i decided to have laser hair removal done, iv had 4 treatments done but the discoloration wont go...what can i use for that?

    • New Here wrote:
      How about about bleaching?Omg then can i ask?U thread yourself or u go to beauty salons to do it?Then what will happen to me!!!!Omg...Cry....So it stimulates thicker growth and darker hair then?

    • sammy wrote:
      well yes threading makes the hair grow back thicker! i used to go to the beauty salon for my threading....bleaching wont help because its the skin thats gone dark ,i dont have that many hair now coz im having laser done but because my upper lip is dark it looks like iv got a stubble...i jus nid something that wud lighten it

    • New Here wrote:
      hmm,then if i combine both the methods,i wonder what will happen?U know,since waxing makes hair thiner,then if i just done threading and i apply the wax on it,what will happen?So will it still stimulate thicker hair growth?Anyone can answer me?sammy?

    • New Here wrote:
      hey i'm in a serious problem,i did threading,ok i say it was good but!!!!My upper lips were very pale...no hair but pale!But originally pale la...my face colour is rosy so not match...people keep saying i got hair on my upper lips when there is none at all...What should i do?Should i tan that area'?Someone help!

    • Choices abt Docs wrote:
      Hello which doc should i see?A normal one or a specialist?And what specialist is it called?

    • littlegirl wrote:
      hey, I am not sure if i have hirsutism, because i don't really have excessive facial hair. However i do have a hairy abdomen back, arms and legs. I am really embarrassed by this and i don't ever wear short sleeved shirts or shorts/skirts. Also I live in a really hot country which makes it really difficult in the summer to hide my arms. Please help me!!

    • worried girl wrote:
      hi!i was suffering 4rm diffused hair loss,i got treatment 4 dat wch included topical steroids 4 2 mnths n multivitamins,aftr dat i usd minoxidil hair spray n kept usin multivitamins wch along wth other vits contain 3500IU vit.A.NOW um havin hair on da side of my cheeks on chin n on cheek bones.da hair r vry fine n thin don seem 2 b becuz ov hormonal imbalance,ma menses r regular,jzz 10 dayz late aftr ramzan,vch is vry normal 4 me coz artr ramzan ma menses r usually late.um 23 yrz old.wat do u suggest 4 me?

    • e.c.r wrote:
      So about 6-7 years ago I noticed that I had a full grown in goatee...I was able to curl it, and it was as though it grew overnight. I shaved the first time and then just plucked the sporatic hairs as they became visible. However I now have to shave just about every other day because its so dark and grows so fast. I also have hair growth slightly on my sideburn area and down my throat. The normal hair growth areas also grow faster than average, causing me to have to shave every other day also.. Im not entirely sure the cause. I had thought possibly medication because I didnt notice it until after I had stopped taking it. And now I havent been on that medication since I was 17, currently 23, and it doesnt seem to get any better. I also thought possibly a hormone imbalance, Im built 'like a man', very broad shoulders, large hands, tall, large muscle build(minimal exercising and weight lifting) and a very deep voice, which only lightened slightly at puberty. I am unable to see a doctor, but need some sort of closure/answers. This is impairing my confidence and my desire to be intimate. Is there a cheap way to attempt to counteract this? Or somehow block the growth at least until I can afford laser removal.

    • Precious wrote:
      I suffer from Hirsutism really bad i believe. I have excessive hair growth on my face from fine to thick hairs..and on my arms (lots of), my abdomen and shaving has to be at least every other day without feeling little rough hairs. My main concern is my face..the thick hairs that grow on my face..are im assuming at times too thick to get through my skin so it actually curls itself back into the skin cause dark permenant marks on my face. All on my chin, under my neck area. When theres a pimple like bump..its filled with a strand of hair. What exactlly can I do to prevent this..and clear the dark blemishes on my face? PLease help.

    • aaby wrote:
      i am really suffering from excess hair growth! i am a teenager and because of my hair on th chest and abdomen , i cannot wear low neck tops ......pleazz help me out!

    • Freedom wrote:
      Make sure that whatever cleansers or face creams you are using - DO NOT contain lanolin, as this promotes hair growth - dark patches on lip or face is caused by pigmentation, this is due to the area having hair removed being made to be more sensitive and exposed to the sun - which the hair was protecting. Pigmentation can also be caused by hormones. Lemon juice is a natural bleach - apply and lie in the sun.

    • Freedom wrote:
      Most hair removal methods like shaving, threading, creams will promote hair growing back thicker. You need to pull the hair out at the root for an extended period to weaken the folicle and slow down and thin out the hair - after waxing for about 5 years consistently each month - this should start to happen, until the hair no longer grows at all. Lazer rmoval or electronosys is a lot faster.

    • moomi wrote:
      hi i gave birth to my daughter 5 weeks go but while i was pregnant i got soo hairy especially on my belly and chest, even on my bum. its disgusting. will it fall out or shall i wax it. im also using a no no hair removal system on my legs and arms which is ok but takes a while to have a lasting effect, i recommend this to people with think leg hairs and ingrown hairs

    • SG Asian wrote:
      Hello i suffer from excessive sweating at the upper lips and excessive upper lip facial hair. I always sweat at the upper lips then it forms a white mustache on my face and looks really embarassing and my hairy upper lips have an increasing amount of hair growing. I am still a teen and would like to get a boyfriend so what shld i do? It feels really weird to go electro or laser then all the hair is gone. I just wan to have normal asian facial hair that is hidden well. Can laser or electro just make the hair grow a lot finer so that it is not visible and how do i stop excessive sweating there permantly?

    • Jazmine wrote:
      Hello, im a 24 y/o and i have a terrible facial hair growth problem. I've had this problem since i was about 20 or 21 and it seems like it only gets worst. I dont have enough money to see a doctor but i have all the symptoms of hirsutism. I have hair growth on my upper arms,back,chin,upper lip and hands. I have to shave almost everyday and its exhausting. I use this cream that was created by a dermatologist in my area that clear acne really well but the dark spots remain on my face from the hair and my fair complexion only improves. This is really depressing and i feel horrible that females have to go through this problem. I need help really bad i cant continue to go throught this for the rest of my life...i need a remedy!

    • H wrote:
      Hi, i have a really big hair problem. I have dark hair over my face, mostly around my cheeks and chin also my neck. I am only 18 and it's just a self conscience thing. Basically my whole body has hair over it and i find it really embarassing. I shave my hands every other day but the hair grows back really quickly. I occasionaly wax my arms but the hair comes back within a week. I use hair removal over my legs but that doesn't work well either. I basically have to bleach my face 2, even 3 times a week and its just too much. Please help me as to what i should do.I have read that being overweight is also an issue for this, i am slightly overweight being 18 and weighing around 12.2 stones. Also i don't know wether this is connected but i tend to really sweat alot. It's mostly underarms and my hands but also sometimes my upperlip. Please Help!!!!!! Thankyou.

    • kristen wrote:
      I am 18 years old and i dont know if i have hirtruism. I am no to hairy but it seems that the fine hairs that i shaved have now turned so thick and grow back so quickly. at first i had a few small hairs on my chin nd figured i would shave it and get rid of it but now there horrible. i dont know what to do... answers?

    • K wrote:
      I am 16 and have hair all over my tummy, back, upper back, legs, thighs, arms, upper lip, eyebrows, and I think it's progressing over my face and chest. I've recently been to the doctors and had a scan at hosp. which proved that I don't have any tumours, or pcos.. I hope that there is a reason for this which can actually be treated. Currently, I pluck my eyebrows- which are very thick and meet in middle, and pluck my upper lip once a week. I use hair removal cream on my back and tummy but it's left feeling really sore and red.

    • K wrote:
      What can I do about this?. I feel for everyone out there who suffers with this problem. I am in a relationship-early stages- and no one knows about the excess hair. But I get so tired of trying to get rid of it and I'm really self conscious infront of my Boyfriend, I don't want him to see it.

    • A wrote:
      I wish i knew what to tell you because that sounds just awful :\ But, i would suggest talking to your Mom about it, because shes probably the number one person who knows whats best for you, and talk about what you should do. For the upper lip, and eyebrows, i would suggest getting them waxed at a local nail salon, its only about 8$ for each, so it wouldnt be that bad. I wish i could help you further, but thats all i can suggest for now. I hope you figure out what to do! <3

    • manmeet kaur wrote:
      hi i am 25yr old female.....am suffering from facial hair growth…its v embarassing. what do i do? my hormone test was correct..now i started laser treatment but my dr. said laser on your face not work effectively after 5 siting...my dr. is not satisfied from laser result..he sugest me for hormone test 2nd time..my menses are regular...and my dr.from whom i consult for hormones he said if ur menses are regular then their is no problem in ur hormones..now plzz suggest me what can i do..

    • O wrote:
      does laser treatment for face has any harm for a person's body that can affect the future like getting pregnant etc....i am worried about it because laser itself is kind of a light radiation?

    • j2@8 wrote:
      hello i am 24 years old and i am suffering from facial and abdominal hair growth, i am doing the lazer treatment and it was working BUT i had to stop for a wild because i was taking ant biotics. but my hair continues to grow, i am doing test for my ovaries, hormone test and Thyroid test, ive heard that all of this things can be a factor of my hair growth, as well and weight gain. i just want to know if there is something that has worked for someone that i havent tryed :)

    • Hot&bothered wrote:
      I have looked over some of these other comments from girls just like me. i feel the same. im embarresed about my abnormal hair growth. i hate it. its really bad on my stomach! and i have shaved it which i never should have done. i have also done about six laser hair treatment all around the pubic area and tummy. it worked then but now is back and in my way of enjoying my summer. i had my hormons checked, the doctor said my results were normal. like perfect. im confussed cuz i DO HAVE A PROBLEM!! i guess i would have hirsutism.. but why cant the doctor tell me about that? and what can i do to stop it.? eltrolisis is exspensive but worth it. but is there another way? it would just take way to long!! what do i do?

    • JessicaV wrote:
      I was using birthcontrol for six years but and a couple months after i stopped i started growing all this hair on my face i can deal with lip but my chin is embarassing especially wen im out in the sun u can see it and the hairs are pretty dark and the sides of my face aswell..Idk wat to do if i get back on birthcontrol will it help? will thier be other side effects of getting back on birthcontrol? im only 22 years old and my self esteem is getting low cuz it's so embarassing please help

    • steph wrote:
      i have hairy legs and arms. i also contain small hairs above my lip area, broad shoulders, large hands,legs and feet.is ths hormonal imbalance?

    • whattodo wrote:
      i dont think i have hirsutism,because my hairs arent really all that thick.but theyre thick enough for me to see them,i bleached my face,yeah,my cheeks and sideburns,bt not my upperlip cuz i tweeze that sometimes so when i was bleaching there wasnt enough hair to bleach there lol..but anyways,my skin is kinda yellowish,not too light not too dark,and when im out in the sun you can see the bleached hairs clearly!theyre all long and some are stray like they just pop out of my face,its so weird and embarrassing,noone has told me anything,bt then again i kinda hide my face,and maybe ppl are being nice.like above my cheekbones under my eyes at the sides you can see the bleached hairs perfectly!(some just stick out way more than others!)and kinda around my lips in the chin area..why are they so long?!..i also have a hairy back,specially lower back,arms,legs,thighs,knuckles,hands!grr!i shave my arms,and pluck the hairs on my hands sometimes,but sometimes its just too much and i have to hide it.i was thinking of waxing my face but i dont want darkening or red bumps to occur,and also does waxing make your face red for a long period of time?..and threading supposably makes hair growth thicker?i dont want that either..what should i do?maybe i should wax...im going to the doctor so they can check my hormones,and if theyre normal(or not) im going to the store and buying a waxing kit for both my face and body...oh another question!to the women who wax their facial hair,when it grows back is it stubbly and prickly and very noticeable?does it have to be a certain length before you wax again?is your skin left red and swollen?if so,for how long?..i wish i wasnt so self-conscious..well i wish i wasnt hairy,my mom is not hairy at all!the only place she ever shaves are her airmpits!nowhere else!maybe my dad was hairy?but i wouldnt know.

    • whattodo wrote:
      oh also my tummy is hairy,and my chest,nipples..pretty much everwhere -_-...i shaved my tummy last year,for a long time,and then just let it grow,the hairs are so thick and long,i bleached them but now theyre dark again,bleaching them again would be too much work,and the hair would still be there,and still visible so i think i will just wax it...

    • Jenn22 wrote:
      I have a question, i get hair on my tummy,not much on my lower back, but what are ways that i could get rid of it fast? and is there anyways to stop hair going on my tummy,I'm 16 by the way

    • Fatima wrote:
      I have hair not just on upper lips and chin,but also on lower lips,cheeks,on my nose and near my nose and also on my forehead.My age is 19,can u tell me what can I do for it naturally to cure it withour harming my skin or without causing acne ?

    • malik nadeem wrote:
      i want to study of sun blocks if causes the growth of hair on face

    • S. wrote:
      I have suffered from excessive hair growth, all over my face and body. I am 21 and feel sad, down and depressed about it all the time. It really has affected my self-esteem. My hair on my arms are not thick so I bleach time once in a while. I have a hairy back, which I hide most of the time. For my face however, I had laser treatement done on my sideburns and chin and has improved so much! Fine hair is growing on some parts, but is bleachable. I had six treatments and I am really happy with the result, but when it comes to my body I really hate it and cannot afford to have laser all over my body its way to expensive. I recently starting growing hair on my chest and I could just sit down and cry at times. I avoid relationships because of my excessive hair, it has realli effected my life in many ways. I thread my upperlip, it has decreased however I have to thread of one or two thick hair every few days. I had to teach myself how to thread so I could jus thread off any hair and don't need to wait untill they all grow. I think waxing and laser is the best, although before I used to wax my sideburns and has caused pigmentations on my skin. Life is unfair at times but you just got to deal with it, there are people in worse situations. Just wondering if I have hirsutism or imbalanced hormones, and they are treated by birth controls etc. What happens to the hair, does the existing hair fall off? Does it stop growing? Would I have to shave of the hair or something and the hair would stop growing What is usually expected once an individual is treated? I am just waiting for a scan and will see the result. Thanks, Much Appreciated

    • kholoud wrote:
      yeeeepppp we're alll suffering from this probleme .but it's quite normal we have to be satisfied.but really.i can't take it anymore it's getting me feeel like a boyyyy .mmm (tears) so here we are even i've found that site i don't have enough courage to do anything and try this is the biggest trouuuuuble..i'm afraid.........

    • amal wrote:
      is there a problem here!!!!!

    • Jae wrote:
      Okk this is gona be a rather long post lol...I have experienced at least one symptom that everyone has mentioned in this post. I have had excessive facial hair growth, increased acne all over body out of no where, weight gain, dark patches on parts of my skin. But here's the thing which I hope will help some of you. I have been suffering for years, been to countless doctors' appointments, and done tons of research. Everyone is different but I will try to address this in the most broad way I can. First I would like to say if you are having excessive hair growth you can do all the waxing, plucking, and lasering you want but the thing is you need to find the root of the problems because all these methods will only be temporary relief, while these symptoms usually indicate an underlying problem. If you don't find what is really causing this abnormal change you could possibly be letting a pre-existing condition you are unaware of get worse! Everyone is different but one of the most common causes (1 out of 3) has to do with hormonal imbalance and particulary insulin resistance. It sounds crazy but one little hormone imbalance triggers a chain reaction so the next thing you should look at is if there are any other systems associated with the excessive hair growth. Also those of you who had hormone levels checked that came back in normal range DOES NOT conclusively mean there isn't a hormone problem. Many doctors like to brush you off or don't take the time to dig a little deeper, however just because you have a normal hormone level doesn't mean anything. You also have receptors that bound to androden and testosterone, you many have normal levels of this hormone in your body BUT your hormone receptors could be more likely to take this hormone causing excessive hair and other issues. For me in particular had an issue with insulin resistance which had a chain reaction to all my other hormones causing me all kinds of problems I didn't even think were related. One my insulin was in control (by taking Metformin) everything got better! I thought I was abnormal with no hope but I was wrong! I hope this brings insight to even just one of you because I know how frustrating it is but be persistant with your doctor and do research!! Hope this helps :)

    • Silvia Yaneva wrote:
      Dear Jae, thank you for the information !!!

    • simran wrote:
      same goes here....i have suffered from excessive hair growth, all over my face and body. I am 22 and feel sad, down and depressed about it all the time. it is really annoying.so, wat shud i do n how to get rid off it??

    • haniya wrote:
      Hi im 29 years old. I am suffering from excessive hair growth since 13 years. its not heredity and I am not having any problem with my periods. I have hair on my neck, nipples ,chest,abdomn, back and thighs. Whenever i pluck my hairs even more and thick hairs grow back( covering more area than before). I have been doing laser treatment since 3 years but its not helping.I take laser regularly. my hairs disappear only for one month and then grow back again. I am very disappointed with myself and often think of suicide.plz help me I am suffering alot.

    • k wrote:
      I also have suffered from hair growth on my face and stomach and back of my legs. In the last six months I have been taking metformin and I feel much better. I have also noticed the hair regrowth has really slowed down. I felt down about myself for a long time because of it, but in reality people will love you for you and not what you look like. If a man really loves you he won't care if you have a bit of extra hair. For the young people don't fret so much about it. Just deal with it how you can...(I wouldn't suggest waxing the moustach though or anything but bleaching it) and pluck. Eventually as you get older it will start to lessen and you can save up to have electrolysis. It will get easier. I am 30 now and I have much more confidence.

    • honey wrote:
      hair growth at chin widout any hormone imbalance

    • princess wrote:
      :(:(:( i dono wat to do.. m jus 21.. n all of a sudden m experiencin hair growth on my chin n neck areas,. i ve alwys had heavy growth bt d hairs hea r killin me.. i dono reli knw wat to do pls help.. :(

    • princess wrote:
      m feelin very stressed.. jus confirm wit me does hirsutism mak one nt b able to conceive.. m gonna get married soon n i luv babies n nw ths problem is makin me go mad.,. pls reply me as soon as possible.. THANKS :)

    • Pete wrote:
      hi doctor , I'm a 16 years old man bothered more than females because they can treat their hair but I cannot. I understand that as a man I should be having hair on my feet, but come on! My legs are very white in skin with VERYYYYYY thick &black curly hair. I cannot really describe it but my THIN feet look like a monkey's . There's no way u can believe I'm human when you see my hair feet. I'm so depressed and ashamed and keep wearing trousers all the time even in sports matches when it's hot and this causes social troubles. What can be done other than laser and treatments ( due to my parents who consider it a physiological problem in a time it is 10000% biological!!!!) . I cut them in scissors without my parents knowing and this takes me full 3 days!! Or I shave them and still it looks very bad that I wear trousers again!!! What are some effective home treatments?( The problem is not even hereditary, I bet I'm the only one in this universe with this quantity of hair on the feet!) Shall I put acid from coca cola or what ?!?! Thank You very much & sorry for the long post!

    • Kenny wrote:
      I am suffering from excess hair on my body and I dn't really know what to do...I which I could just get at drug or medicine to stop it or reduce it at a very low rate in my body...please mail me back on how to go about it,what and where I can easily get the drugs cos I'm livin in Nigeria..! Thanks.

    • yuvraj wrote:
      hello, i yuvraj, i m suffering from hirsutism so plz guide me how to control and treat, i hope u will guide me well. regarding medical treatment mostly i prefer,. thanx and looking for your support in terms of guide.

    • Vim wrote:
      Hi ! I'm only 13years old i'm a girl but my beard is all over my upper lip !! So embarrasing.. And im suffering too please tell me the ways to remove it.. thanks :(

    • Dem wrote:
      hi! Im suffering from excessive hair control I have a hairy back, legs, arms, chin and sideburns its really embarresing and I dont know what to do I have been using this hair removal pad which gets rid ov hairs for my chin and It leaves really bad stubble on my face how to I get rid ov this thanks :(

    • Polly wrote:
      My electrologist/laser hair removalist has been practising for 30 years and she says to shave facial hair in between sessions, and to never pluck the hair (I take this to also mean don't wax the face, as to me it is the same thing). I trust her implicitly. I have been following her advice for 1 year (along with electrolysis) and the hair on my face has not got worse at all. Why do you recommend 'Never shave your face, chest and abdomen. Never.'?

    • yousuf wrote:
      hi i am yousuf.my problem is Excessive hair growth on my face due to the use of betnovate N.i used it 4 to 5 months but now i stop to use it.now lots of hairs is produce after when i stop to use it.plz plz plz tell me is this hairs falls after few weeks or it grow more and more?and plz tell me the solution that how could i do my face hairs?my ID is decentyousuf@hotmail.com

    • Belinda wrote:
      Hello, I have a visible amount on black hair that grows on my upper lip and I try to pluck it as soon as I notice it is getting thicker again. My question is: the skin on my upper lip (even without any hair) is too light and does not match the rest of my olive skin so it still makes the upper lip area stand out and look bad. How can I darker the upper lip area to make it match the rest of my face? Thx :)

    • babe wrote:
      I have hairs on my legs, abdomen,around my breast, chest, chin n cheek... D thin is I think its hereditary cz my mum n sis hz a lil of dat, buh I noticed mine is more. Wat shuld I do ? I am 21. Used to use hair removal cream on my legs got tired n stopped. So wat I do nw is trim my legs, shave my abdomen, shave my upper breast area avoiding d nipple n trim my chest, neck cheek n chin. I feel any guy shuld luv jst d way I am so I try 2 leave suggestive traces to guys 2 knw am very hairy so they dnt say l8r I dint knw u were dis hairy wen I met u. So atimes I tel dem abt it. Am very shapely, fun 2 b wt n nice so I guess dat shuld make up 4 me although being so hairy bothers me smtyms I try n do my trims n move its nt my fault am dis way, I thank God 4 makn me n I pray he makes me have less hair buh till den am living n dealing wt.

    • optimist wrote:
      m also suffrering frm da same problm. Its really embarrasng .isnt thr any natural cure for dis?:(

    • A GOOD SOLUTION wrote:
      Drink lots of spearmint tea :)

    • princess wrote:
      M also sufferin same probs ah I so hate emm. I recently learnt hw to?? wax myself n hw to?? do my own upper lips n chin.. Bt it still gets embrassin. N I ve dark hairs.. Pls helppp

    • princess wrote:
      Does spearmint tea work? If yeah.. Hw does it work..

    • shaina wrote:
      i have the same problem..when ever i think of this problem i feel life is so unfair on me..once i had a boy friend and that relationship was broken due this problem..he warned me to stay away from his life because he was thinking that my problem would lead to infertility. i was helpless and i had to stop it. when i go for doctors they tell me that not to take this seriouly. they have no idea of how i suffer..:(( my question is, isnt there any permanant medication to stop this or atleast to control? um realy realy discouraged to marry even..please help..

    • latasha wrote:
      Hi I'm a 24 y/o African American Female. I have suffered with PCOS for the last 11 years and it just seems to be getting worse. I was wondering did you have any suggestions on how or what I can do to help it. I get called out of my name and even as low as a Transexual. Truth be told that hurt like hell. I've been going to doctors for many years and have been put on many medications and even was told if I can lose weight it would get better, well it hasn't. I need help because it is really depressing and now it to the point where my confidence is all gone. I hope you get back to me.

    • shwsa wrote:
      Im 21years old 1.have mony blak&rough hear under the chin.2.when im used aelektron(brawn)or any tool remover for mybody hair make a smallboil&the hair apear under the skin? .what is the treat for my problem ?

    • fatima wrote:
      I think that excessive hair on face caused by hormones disturbance.

    • meenu wrote:
      hi i hav a similar problem of hair growth in chin & area around it for the past 3-4 years.initially i started waxing on dis area but it will result in more frequent hair growth after that i have also done laser therapy but it didn't get stop so for the last year i am using medicines for that also but it will lesd to irregular problem so finally wat to do??????plz tell my some solution that helps me to get rid of dis problem .........plz

    • khanster wrote:
      hi i have excessive hair on ma chin,chest and stomach i never waxed them..kindly tell me some home remedy or which dr should i consult??gyny or endocrynologist??

    • Gori wrote:
      is there any natural home remedy to treat Hirsutism

    • jane wrote:
      The best thing is light laser removal ive had it on my face and it has reduced thickness and growth tremousously now having it done on nipples. i have used shaving on my upper lip it dosent come back worse dont beleive evrything you read! its expensive but worth evry penny!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amanda wrote:
      Im having the awful thing right now I do not know what to call it but I started to pluck a few hairs under my chin now I have some on my chin. Im a woman who is 26 years old. I have never had any children Im sexually active with my husband. I get facial hair oftenly. A few years ago I had a bloodclot removed because of birth control which I had a d&C Im wondering I never did before the surgery have healthy periods. Now Im having periods 2 in a month I skip one month and have 2 in one month. Does anyone think this is normal. I am also overweight as well.

    • anonymous wrote:
      The menstruation cycle you are experiencing now is definately not normal, and i think this is a case you should take to your doctor because, of course, it will be causing extra stress to your body resulting in unusual hair growth, hair loss gaining or losing weight etc. When it comes to the hair growth, their is hormone treatment available but that may affect your menstruation cycle even more. I would recomend lazer hair removal. I had hair on my chin and my stomach and im only 17, and i used an epilater on my stomach and lazer hair removal on my chin.

    • kavi wrote:
      Could anybody give me any solution to treat my problem of hair on the chin n cheeks? It looks embarassing. I underwent all the tests and had laser treatment also but there is no use. A girl or a women having hair on the face like men is a severe punishment they are facing. Please show some solution.

    • LiykA wrote:
      I started getting hair under my chin n upperlip when I was 15 n felt self concious n I started to stay away from ppl. I also have hairy arms n legs, but that doest bother me I wax my leg once a yr n it takes quiet sometime b4 they grow back. the hair on my arms are fine but just a lot n to tell u the truth i love them, so i just cream them down. The hair on my chin I pluck or wax, Sometimes i keep my sideburn pluck the darker hairs n i use jell to smooth it down. For my moutache i use epistick. Lately i realise I?ve even started to get more hair, this time thick 1s on my neck n chest area. Im 21 now and I try not to let all this hair bother me like it used too, but I still want to try the laser treatment, because I do get tired of plucking n waxin my chin,neck n upper lip...but since a couple of months ago i started tryin this cream name Kalo out after i wax or pluck n I feel like it helps a bit. Hope I helped someone here...just kno ur not alone n whenever youre depressed kno that life is what u make of it

    • Mistie wrote:
      In 2007 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer I had surgery on my neck to remove the thyroid and all the lymph-nodes on the left side of my neck since the first part of 2008 I noticed little black hairs growing on my neck mostly on the front and left side and I am concerned it has something to with the thyroid cancer I have been trying to see if anyone who has had thyroid cancer or a thyroid disorder has had the same problem but I haven't found anything yet so if you or someone you know has had the same problem please post something

    • revathi. wrote:
      iam revathi right now 22 yrs and my face is with more hair and on upper lips,checks and also i threaded once but it didnot stop growing give me a premanent solution for removing the hair from face right now i am using honey and lemon juice does it stop growing on face.i need the natural home rmedices so give me some tips.

    • revathi. wrote:
      i want to stop the hair growth on face natural remedices tell me some tips and i am using the honey and lemon juice does it stop growing.

    • H wrote:
      girls u can use vaniqa cream to reduce hair growth on the face it worked for me . the hair didn't go away but it's less that it used to be

    • stranger wrote:
      i am 16 years old..... i think i am too facing hersutism....idid't spell a word about this to my parents...bcoz i don't feel comfortable with that...is there is any natural way to get rid of this for ever or even temperorly

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