Three Ways Women Can Lose Those Pesky Pounds

It’s no secret that men and women lose weight differently. You could be dieting and exercising like a crazy person and see little to no results, while the man in your life barely lifts a finger and loses a few pounds. While it may seem frustrating to some, it is just the way it is.

Since women and men lose weight differently, it’s important to know the ways that women can effectively lose weight. While some of these tips will obviously work for both men and women, these tips are proven to be able to help women shed pounds and live a healthier life. For some, losing weight can be too difficult, and thus requires surgery from Lap Band Dallas. But if you want to give weight loss another try, check out these tips on how women can lose some serious pounds.

Split Your Portions
The key to weight loss (for women especially) is portion control. Whenever you go out to eat, the meal that you get will typically be a large portion. If you’re at a restaurant, the best way that you can maintain good portion control is by splitting your meal in half, and saving one half for lunch the next day.

If you don’t eat out a lot, you need to be sure to practice portion control in your home. One way that you can do this is to buy smaller plates. Studies have shown that people who eat meals on smaller sized plates tend to eat less than people who eat meals served on larger plates. Rather than go back for a second helping, have a glass of water which will help you feel more full. Also making sure your meals are filled with lots of protein will help you eat less and eat healthier portion sizes.

Only Eat at The Table
Snacking is one of the biggest ways to consume calories that you didn’t even realize you were consuming. An afternoon of snacking can easily lead to over 1,000 calories, and sometimes even more. Between a sliver of pie, a granola bar, and a bowl of cereal in an afternoon, snacking no doubt adds up quickly. One way to avoid mindless snacking is by making sure you only eat at the dinner table.

Only eating at the dinner table will make you become more conscious about what you eat. You’ll seriously consider each snack that you pick up, and thus will eat less. If you do want to continue to snack outside of the table, make sure you’re snacking healthy and eating fruits and vegetables.

Calorie Count
One of the most proven ways to lose weight is by either keeping a food journal or calorie counting. There are plenty of websites and mobile apps that let you input the food you ate and it will count the calories for you, so you can hit your targeted calorie intake.

Writing down what you eat will make you more conscience about your food choices, which will lead to better eating habits. And ultimately, better eating habits will lead to a slimmer you!

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