Prom Makeup Tips

It’s not a secret how important the prom night is. It’s essential to plan your prom dress, hairstyle and makeup in advance in order to look flawless and amazing. The prom ball is a very awaited occasion and you will have to look gorgeous and feel special, that’s why the prom makeup should be planned and applied very carefully as it should enhance your natural beauty.


Applying a makeup primer prior to the foundation is a must in order to make your make up stay put on for longer and to look like real beauty all night long. A good primer will prepare your skin for the make up application, creating a protective base for longer lasting make up. Apply the primer after moisturizing your skin and before the foundation. You can apply it over the entire face or only to any shiny areas of the face, usually the nose, chin and forehead. A make up primer works especially well for those with oily or combination skin as it reduces the excess shine by absorbing the excess oil on the skin’s surface and make any large pores appear smaller and less visible.

Foundation Tips
It’s essential to have a foundation of high quality that suits your skin tone and skin type in order to look natural. Depending on your skin you should apply the foundation before or after the concealer. Make sure your skin is well-moisturized before applying the foundation – this way the makeup will blend better. Apply a small amount of the foundation to the tip your index finger and dot on the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks. Start blending in an upwards and outwards motions. Blend very carefully, making sure that there are no hard lines or patches, especially along the jaw line.
One very important thing you should always remember is to choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, especially for such an important occasion like a prom bal. if your skin is clear, free of blackheads, whiteheads and small pimples you can use a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation.

Depending on the condition of your skin you may skip the concealer but if dark circles around the eyes or blemishes are present you should conceal them with a concealer. Again, use a concealer that matches your skin tone – it will hide any blemishes, discolorations and dark circles creating a flawless look.

Applying a blush is a must for every girl as it gives the cheeks a touch of color and brightens the face. Depending on your skin type you may use a powder blush or a cream blush. Apply the blush with a big, rough blush only on the apples of your cheeks. Never apply the blush all over your face – it will look unnatural and funny, especially if you are using a darker shade and don’t forget to brush off the excess blush from your cheeks to avoid the look of “overdone” face. It’s essential to keep the blush as natural looking as possible because sometimes it may make you look older with ten years.

Face powder
Use a translucent powder to set your makeup and to eliminate unwanted shine. Apply the powder with a big, powder brush in downward motions for an even finish. Take the translucent powder with you during the night and dust it onto any shiny areas.


It’s essential to have your brows groomed a few days before the prom ball. Before applying your eye makeup comb your brows up and across with a special brow brush or with the help of a toothbrush. If your brows are too thin you may use a brow pencil for more definition but you should use it very carefully as applying brow pencil need a lot of practice. Never pluck or tweeze your eyebrows in the day of the prom sometimes plucking or tweezing may cause noticeable redness. If you want to make your eyebrows thicker or if you want to fill in any sparse areas choose an eyebrow pencil that matches the natural color of your eyebrows.

Eyeshadow base
The best way to make your eye shadows stay put on for longer is applying an eyeshadow base. It will stop your shadows from smudging, streaking and creasing by increasing the lasting-power of your shadows. A good eyeshadow base will not only prevent your shadows from creasing but it will also aid in blending the eyeshadows to perfection.The base will intensify your shadow and make it stay put on for longer. To apply an eyeshadow base dab on lightly and blend evenly over the entire lid using a brush or your fingertips.

The professional makeup artists usually use liquid eyeliner as it creates a thicker line but most of the women find applying liquid eyeliner very difficult that’s why you can use eye pencil which is much easier to apply. Use sharp eyeliner and start with the inner corners of your eyes. Dot along the root of your lashes moving from the inner corners of the eyes outwards. Make sure you follow the natural curve of the eye.

Although most of the girls prefer to use light colors, the others prefer to accentuate their eyes, creating a smoky eye look or a cat eye look. Whichever look you choose you should always apply a base color. If you are going to use more shades at a time you should blend them very carefully. The shimmery eyeshadows are a great choice for a prom’s makeup.

Curl your eyelashes
Use eyelash curler to curl your lashes in order to open up your eyes and to define them. Position your eyelash curler around your eyelashes and carefully squeeze the edges of the eyelash curler together and hold for a few seconds. Gently release the curler from the lashes and repeat again if necessarily.

Now is the time to apply mascara depending on the color of your eyes and the color of your dress you may experiment with different colors violet, blue, green, silver, and the classic black or brown. To avoid smearing mascara use a waterproof mascara as it doesn’t dissolve in water. Apply a powder to the lashes – this will give your lashes volume and will allow the mascara to stay longer. Look down into a mirror and stroke lashes upwards with just the tip of the brush. Make sure that the wand isn’t overloaded with mascara, if it is – take some off with a tissue before applying. Let the first coat dry and then apply the second coat if necessarily.

Apply a dusting of powder or a bit of foundation to your lips to help maximize the lipstick’s staying power. First outline your lips with a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color to keep the color from bleeding. The lip pencil allows your lipstick or lip gloss to last longer by creating a base for your lipstick. Depending on your dress’ color choose a lipstick that will suit your outfit. Apply only lip gloss to create more elegant look and to make your lips luminous. Remember the golden rule: if your eyes are too bright choose less bright color for your lips and vice versa brighter color on your lips is your eyes are natural-looking. If you want to apply red lipstick or red lip gloss it’s essential to apply it flawlessly.

Choose an elegant, natural-looking color, but make sure the color suits your prom dress. Those who want to create a classy look should consider French Manicure. Make sure your nail polish is applied flawlessly, especially if your lacquer is in brighter color.


  • Always consult a makeup artist or a stylist – they can help you create the perfect prom look.
  • The day before the promenade ball exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush to remove the dead skin cells that may lead to dry, chapped lips.
  • the golden rule: if you accentuate your eyes keep your lips as natural as possible and vice versa.
  • less is always better.
  • if your skin is oily or mixed keep blotting papers is your purse to blot the excess oil during the night; don’t forget also the lip gloss, translucent powder and a small bottle if hairspray, depending on your hairstyle.
  • always test your makeup a few days before the prom ball so that you will have enough time to make any adjustments.
  • you had better put your dress on before applying the makeup to prevent any stains or smudges that might get on the dress.
  • Make sure your skin is clean and properly moisturized.
  • Never pop or prick at pimple a few days before the prom in order to avoid the appearance of ugly, red spots.
  • Stay away from heavy liquid foundations; instead opt for a lightweight formula that provides a good coverage.
  • Use a concealer to cover imperfections such as blemishes, dark circles, dark spots or small pimples.
  • To make your makeup last longer, use a makeup primer and a translucent powder.
  • Apply a hydrating face mask the night before the promenade ball so that your skin will be well-hydrated before the big occasion.
  • You can easily accentuate your cheekbones with a hint of shimmery cream blush or a bronzer.
  • Make sure your makeup matches your dress and hairstyle.
  • Always groom your brows a few days before the prom.
  • Applying a blush in peachy shade is a must for a prom’s makeup in order to bring out your cheeks and to brighten your face.
  • A few weeks before the prom ball decide very carefully on the hairstyle you want as your makeup should match your hairstyle, dress and accessories.
  • You had better use an eye pencil instead of liquid eye liner as it could be a very difficult task.
  • Use a body dusting powder or a shimmering bronzer and apply it over your shoulders and neck area.
  • Have a facial two or three weeks before the promenade ball so that your skin will be clear and fresh looking.

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