How To Look Amazing Tonight With Properly Applied Makeup

The perfect party makeup should be glamorous, sexy and flawless in order to make you stand out in the party and to set all eyes on you. You can achieve this by following a few simple steps to apply your makeup flawlessly.

The first thing in creating a perfect party makeup is to make sure your dress, accessories and your hairstyle suit your makeup. For instance if you are going to wear a black dress, smoky eyes will be your best choice. If your dress is red, blue, white use brighter, shimmer eye shadows and choice a more natural hairstyle (simply curl or straighten your hair or a ponytail for instance).

It’s essential to cleanse and tone your skin before you begin to apply the makeup. Use skincare products that suit your skin type and do a hydrating mask if you have enough time to make your skin radiant and healthy-looking.

Applying a makeup primer prior to the foundation is a must in order to make your makeup stay put on for longer and to look flawless all night long. A good primer will prepare your skin for the makeup application, creating a protective base for longer lasting makeup. Apply the primer after moisturizing your skin and before the foundation. You can apply it over the entire face or only to any shiny areas of the face, usually the nose, chin and forehead. applying a makeup primer works especially well for those with oily or combination skin as it reduces the excess shine by absorbing the excess oil on the skin’s surface and make any large pores appear smaller and less visible.

Applying a foundation and a little bit of a concealer that suit your natural skin tone is the best way to make your face look flawless. With the help of a concealer you can hide dark circles around the eyes, redness, dark spots or any small pimples. Apply the concealer before the foundation only over the problem areas using a concealer brush or your fingers. Make sure the concealer matches your skin tone and looks natural.

Choice a sheer foundation to even out your skin tone and create a good coverage. Use a foundation brush, makeup sponge or your fingertips to apply the foundation evenly. If you are going to wear a low-necked dress don’t forget to apply a little but of a foundation to your beck. Blend carefully and make sure there are no hard lines or patches. If your skin is clear and free of pimples and blackheads look for a light reflecting foundation.

Use a translucent loose powder to set your makeup and to prevent any unwanted shine during the party. Use a big, round powder brush to apply the powder evenly and remove the excess with a tissue to prevent staining your dress. Your best choice for an evening party will be a shimmering powder – apply it with a brush anywhere you want to add shimmer to your brow bone, along the cheeks bone, over the eyeshadows.

Applying a blush is a must for a party makeup. Apply blush in brighter shade to give a glow to your face and to freshen it. Apply the blusher with a blush brush and build the color gradually. Use a powder blush as it last longer than a cream or gel blush. Apply the blusher after your have done your eye makeup.

Curl your eyelashes to emphasize your eyes using an eyelash curler or a spoon. Curling your eyelashes will make your eyes look wider, and brighter. Position your eyelash curler around your eyelashes – the upper lashes must be between the edges of the curler. Carefully squeeze the edges of the eyelash curler together and hold for a few seconds.

False eyelashes are a great choice for a party if you want to achieve more dramatic and sexy look. They usually come in three lengths – short, medium, long and are available in all colors and shapes to suit different eye shapes.

Create a smoky eye look by applying a taupe shade as a neutral base color over your eyelids. Use a kohl pencil and draw along the inner rims of the eyes, along your lash line and then smudge to soften the effect. If you have small eyes apply only to the outer two thirds of the eye, if you have large eyes trace the whole rim. Apply colored eye shadows along the socket and outer corner of the lid in order to create definition and contour. Use a cotton bud to correct any hard lines.

Apply a powder to the lashes prior to the mascara, to give your lashes volume and allow the mascara to stay longer. Look down into a mirror and stroke lashes upwards with just the tip of the brush. Always brush the lashes from above and then upwards from below to get the both sides of the lashes. First apply a thin coat, lit it dry and then build up with a second coat of mascara. When applying mascara to the lower lashes, gently brush the tip of the applicator across them. Always allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. At the end comb the lashes to separate the hairs and to remove the excess mascara. Choose black or brown mascara.

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