All About Diabetes In Women

Diabetes in women is currently on the rise. There are various symptoms and statistically women with this disease are more susceptible to hormonal and sexual disorders. Complications such as yeast infections and sexual disease are also more prevalent in diabetic women. Additionally, on the whole, women’s emotions are more passionate than mens. Because of this, emotional health can play a big part in diabetic symptoms in women.

Additionally, women may also experience acute lethargy, moodiness and agitation.

Surveys show that 12.6 million or 10.8% of all women 20 years and older have diabetes. Nearly 90 to 95 percent of women with it have Type 2. More often than not, Type 2 develops after the age of 40 and happens when the body’s cells become resistant to insulin. Due to aging, the body’s insulin becomes less efficient therefore the health of blood glucose levels are disrupted. Type 1 occurs when the pancreas makes close to no insulin at all. Furthermore, the risk of heart disease is more detrimental among women than men. Women who have heart attacks because of lower survival rates and poorer standard of living than men and women are at a greater risk of blindness from diabetes than men too.

Watch out for:

  • Existence of skin disease and yeast infections. Diabetic women may also suffer from urinary infections frequently.
  • Frequent urination can be another symptom of diabetes in women. The body tries to get rid of the excess sugar through the urine. Therefore she may feel the necessity to urinate recurrently during short periods of time.
  • Extreme thirst can be another symptom of diabetes. Because of too frequent urination the body looses lots of water and the individual experiences a lack of fluids. Consequently, she may experience severe thirst and urination during the day which can be another sign of diabetes in women.
  • Over eating, or polyphagia, is a typical symptom of Type 2 diabetes. If a female has this type of diabetes, the quantity of insulin is overly abundant in the body. Since insulin assists in stimulating hunger, an extreme quantity of insulin in the body makes the individual experience hunger as well as making her eat more.
  • Sexual complications can also be a sign of diabetes in women. It’s noted that diabetic women can feel uneasy or pain when involved in sexual activity including diminished vaginal sensitivity and lubrication.
  • With gestational diabetes no apparent signs may appear. However, if a woman is pregnant and has hypertension, there is a possibility that she has gestational diabetes. Since there are no particular symptoms or diagnosis during a woman’s pregnancy, it can be diagnosed during screening. All mothers build up resistance to insulin during pregnancy but not many suffer from temporary diabetes. Because of a lack of symptoms during pregnancy a woman may receive warnings through the classic symptoms such as frequent urination, weight loss and dry skin.

Besides the above mentioned there is a growing epidemic not only in women but in men and children; obesity. However, obesity is a difficulty that makes women more susceptible to diabetic symptoms. Too much junk food, sugary drinks and fast-food are the culprits of fat deposits in different parts of the body. This accumulation of fats are host to many ailments. Basically, many women in the middle age group are sufferers of diabetes. Too much sugar should be avoided as it raises the blood sugar level. The over-eating of fats should be restricted and red meat avoided altogether, if possible. However, dieting and exercise can assists in curing diabetes in middle-aged women.

Diabetes At A Glance
Statistics tell us that diabetes is not just an annoyance, it’s the third largest killer of Americans. Were you startled to find out that some contestants on the TV show Biggest Loser suffered from diabetes at the beginning and ingested medication? Later on as they progressed with vigorous exercise, proper eating – shedding pounds in the process – some were able to get off the diabetes medication and feel better.

Okay, all that TV stuff is great news and the motivation to win bags of money probably topped the list for all the contestants, but what about the rest of men and women who want to add years to their lives and can’t afford a paid trainer to hold their hands and put them on the right track. Well, there are some things you can do to help yourself – perhaps even get off medication or other drugs – and not spend a lot of money.

Many diabetics might be wise to research some natural cures and relief from diabetes that is as close as the kitchen, refrigerator, or front yard of their home. Diabetes can be controlled by regulating blood sugar levels. But caution should always be first and foremost. Diabetes in any form is a very serious disease and any foreign experimentation should be handled with care. Forward thinking doctors should be consulted first.

Pumpkin is one food that contains two diabetic miracles. Think: pumpkin pie. Yep, that orange-colored dish that comes around on Thanksgiving works to lower blood sugar and gives your body some natural insulin. Cloves and cinnamon will also do the trick. If you like tea and are insulin resistant, a vinegar drink with water and sweetened with saccharine can improve insulin sensitivity up to 40 percent. Another tea drink with a weird name: Fenugreek is an herb that has been shown to lower blood glucose and insulin levels as much as 43 percent. It’s a tea that doesn’t taste bad and also calms the nerves and upset tummies.

Chromium is helpful in many types of diabetes because it helps insulin do a better job in your body allowing more glucose into the cells to manage diabetes. In various studies it was found that many diabetics are deficient in zinc which is essential in keeping the immune system stronger.

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