Special Hair Masks from Professionals

During the summer or during the colder winter months your hair may appear lifeless. The frequent usage of mask is the best way to keep your hair nourished, moisturized and healthy-looking. The aim of every mask is to nourish and condition the hair deeply in order to restore to its best “shape”. Applying a mask at least once a week is a must for every woman no matter what her type is. There are masks, specially designed for the different types – there are masks for dry, for oily, for colored, for damaged hair. There are even masks that prevent hair loss, eliminate frizz, add volume and shine, prevent split ends etc.

Hair masks should be applied before or after the conditioner, usually onto a damp hair. For better results you can wrap a towel on your head after the application of the mask and let the treatment soak in for approximately 5/ 10 minutes.

The benefits:

  • nourish and condition deeply
  • moisturize and prevent dry
  • eliminate frizzy
  • prevent split ends
  • add shine and volume
  • repair damages
  • prevent hair loss
  • keep the color bright
  • restore dried out strands
  • hydrate dry, damaged hair
  • smooth rough cuticles
  • leave the hair soft, shiny, easy to comb and style

Even after the first application of any professional mask your hair will restore its shine and healthy-look. The masks for dry hair contain a complex of nourishing oils and moisturizing ingredients that penetrate deeply into the scalp.

Apply any mask on wet hair using a comb to spread the product evenly. Leave the mask on for approximately 15 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.

Most of the masks for dry hair are also appropriate for normal hair. So if your hair is normal you can apply the mask only to the ends of your hair that are usually dry.

The masks for oily hair usually contain special ingredients that control and regulate the excess production of sebum, calm irritated scalp and cleanse the hair deeply. Most of them contain oil absorbing ingredients (clay, mineral mug, kaolin) that absorb the excess amount of oil and dirt. The vegetable extracts normalize the sebaceous glands and nourish the hair deeply.

Most of the masks for oily hair should be applied on dry hair, before washing in order to absorb the excess amount of oil and any impurities.

These masks act in two ways. First they repair and strengthen the roots and stop the hair loss and as a result the hair becomes thicker and more elastic.

The masks for thin and damaged hair should be applied on wet hair after the shampoo and before the conditioner (if necessary). Apply the mask generously and massage your scalp for 5 minutes with your fingertips to improve blood circulation and to strengthen the penetration of the active ingredients into the ends.

These masks repair any damage caused during the coloring treatment and protect the color from fading. The masks for color treated hair contain many nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.
Apply the mask for color-treated hair once or twice a week.

The frequent usage of mask will prevent many common hair problems – split ends, dry hair, oily hair, thin hair, frizziness etc.

These masks moisturize, nourish, condition and repair the hair deeply and can be used every time after washing your hair or once a week depending on the condition of your hair.

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