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A good sunscreen helps keep your skin looking young. Of all influences that cause premature aging, appearance of dark spots and wrinkles, no single one is as important as the sunlight. The damage caused by the excessive sun exposure is the leading cause of skin aging. One of the skin’s main defenses against too much sun exposure is its ability to tan. Suntan is a shield set up by the skin to help prevent the sun’s rays from causing damage to underlying tissues. It’s essential to safeguard your skin, especially during the summer months. A deep tan is a mark of good healthy, but over sun exposure could be harmful and sometimes fatal.

It is a must especially during the summer months. It’s essential for preventing sun damage and lowering your risk of developing skin cancer.

Most of the sun protecting products contain oils, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and Aloe Vera that not only protect the skin from the UV rays but also make the skin smooth and silky. From the moment you apply them on the skin they give you immediate protection against UVA and UVB rays, which often cause sunburn, wrinkles, dark spots and freckles.

Using sunscreens products now would deliver benefits later in life and that’s for sure, although unfortunately many people don’t use such products. The sun protecting products deliver long-lasting moisture where it is required, vitamin D and vitamin E to combat the free radicals, they help prevent premature aging and most importantly ensure a more even and longer-lasting tan. Protecting your skin from the sun is also important in reducing cancer risk later in life. The sun impacts collagen production in the skin and without collagen skin won’t be able to maintain its health and beauty.

They come in variety of forms; there are lotions, gels, creams, sprays, ointments etc. There are even sun protective products designed to protect your lips, hair and eyelid from the sun. They gently moisturize, replenish the natural oils last by exposure to the sun, water and wind, leaving your skin healthy, supply and a long-lasting tan.
Every one has its own SPF/ abbreviation for sun protective factor/. The SPF number indicates how long your sunscreen remains effective and protects your skin before getting sunburn. The higher the SPF number the greater the protection.

There are After Sun products that are formulated to cool and soothe the skin after exposure to the sun and help keep your tan for longer. They cool and refresh the skin after a day in the sun, helping to soothe and heal. The After Sun products make your skin noticeably softer and smoother.

Always apply the sunscreen about 30 minutes before going out in the sun and allow enough time for the product to start working. Apply it generously, spreading to all exposed areas and smooth in gently. To provide maximum effectiveness reapply it every hour, especially during the noon hours. The waterproof and water resistant sunscreens provide protection even after swimming, but to make sure your skin is protected reapply it 15 minutes after exposure to water. During the hot months apply face sunscreen with SPF at least 15 every day to minimize the appearance of dark spots and fine wrinkles. Many cosmetics products such as foundations, face powders and lipsticks have SPF 5 or higher.


  • always apply a protective sunscreen to minimize the penetration of the UV rays
  • a facial sunscreen should always be applied before the moisturizer
  • limit the time you spend in the sun, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • always wear a hat – the sun damage your hair too
  • follow the instructions on the product label
  • wear sunglasses to protect your eye
  • apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of your skin not only to your face
  • stay in the shade whenever possible and use an umbrella
  • drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
  • after your summer holiday check your skin for any unusual moles or spots. If there are any consult a doctor
  • if you are prone to freckles apply a good sunscreen lotion to exposed areas of the skin before going out.
  • never apply sunscreen to broken skin
  • if you have a skin disorder consult your doctor before using sun protecting products
  • if your skin is sensitive do a patch test before applying sunscreen

The sun radiation is also responsible for :

  • appearance of “sun (dark) spots” – they are brown spots that appear on different areas of the skin, especially on the face and neck
  • appearance and accentuation of wrinkles and sagging skin
  • enlargement of blood capillaries on the face, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin

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    • riya wrote:
      hi im riya 21 yr old.I use lakme sunscreen lotion SPF15.i want to know how long it protects me.if i dont apply 30 min before & go out what happens.i apply sunscreen only once a day

    • AVA wrote:
      I am confused as to the application of all these creams. I want to apply a rich anti-wrinkle moisturiser for the day along with a separate eye cream, but thought I could finish by applying a sunblock, something like Clinqiue City Block during the working day. Can anyone give me some advice, do I start with the anti-wrinkle stuff first as surely my wrinkles need the moisture? Thanks! Ava

    • chimi wrote:
      Can I use Nivea sunscreen with Loreal Day Cream and Loreal Foundation?

    • priya wrote:
      I am a user of lakme sunscreen lotion SPF 15.isn't it protective to use this product which has least SPF.Can you recommend some more sun screen lotion which is more effective and less cost? please give some suggestion.

    • pooja wrote:
      I have got black patches arond the corner of eyes....due to UV rays....Is using of lakme sunscreen lotion of SPF20 is ohkey for me.... ??Due you have antother suggestion for me....

    • shraddha wrote:
      i use lotus safe sun matte look daily sunblock of spf 40. is it ok for me? i hav wheatish complexion and i tend to get a lot of tan and sunburn.

    • Mariam wrote:
      My skin react easily to cream,can u prescribe a sunscreen product dat can sooth my skin type

    • Mariam wrote:
      please tell me would i apply the sunscreen before exfoliation or exfoliation first

    • tutu wrote:
      which one do i apply first sunsceen or moisturiser?

    • usha wrote:
      hi..i use sun screen dat enough to apply once in a day..does dat helps out my skin in sun?please clarify ma doubt...

    • Jenni wrote:
      The zinc looks awesome!

    • tarrannum wrote:
      plz give advice for me which sunscreen are best for fairness.

    • harsha519 wrote:
      take some cotton and take ur sunscreenlotion and take some lotion in to ur palm.and with the help of the cotton smoothley cover all u r face .do this process before 20 minutes sun expouser.have a cool skin

    • shomaisa wrote:
      Hi every one! my face is so oily, i have lots pimples, i never used suncream regularly, i wann start now, what suncream is best for me n which exfoliations? thnx n plz

    • geetha wrote:
      hi, my face is darkning , i never use sunscreen , today only i used aroma magic carrot sun screen lotion spf 15 ,what sun screen and spf number is best for my face

    • Aditi wrote:
      I am wheatish and my skin is sensitive to sun I get small itching boils when exposed to sun. Kindly advice me the right type of sunscreen which can be used with the right SPF no. I would be thankful for the same.

    • malathyk wrote:
      hi my skin is oily n acne blemish skin nw i stared to get wrinkles also i dnt knw wht to use for my face i tried al types of facewash ,sunscreen bt its al vain plz tel me any good product to use nowadays i turns into wheatish.. plz tell me any product tat can solve my all problems

    • regi wrote:
      can we apply sunscreen and fairness cream at the same time?

    • ashwini wrote:
      can i use sunscreen once a day..?

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