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Using a makeup primer is the best way to make your makeup stay put on for longer. The makeup primers are relatively new products on the market but now are gaining more and more popularity. Their aim is to prepare the skin for the makeup application, they pamper the skin and create a protective base for longer-lasting, natural looking foundation application and wear.

The primers give the makeup something to grab onto and help your makeup last longer, because the makeup primers create a smooth and perfect surface. Most of them are oil and fragrance-free and have a gel formula that allows an even and precise application.

They work especially well for people with oily and combination skin as they control excess shine and absorb the oil.

It is also appropriate for those with very dry and sensitive skin as it nourishes the skin and calms inflammations. If you apply makeup primer before the foundation it won’t rub off or smear.

A primer should be applied after your moisturizer and before the foundation. It’s essential to let it sink in for a few minutes (give it enough time to penetrate into your skin). Apply it with your fingers to the areas where your makeup doesn’t last longer (usually chin, lips, eyelids) or over to the whole face. It should always be applied on clean skin. The foundation application is as usual.

Benefits of using:

  • Smooth the skins surface
  • Even out skin tone
  • Create a perfect surface for your makeup
  • Disguise skin flaws and imperfections
  • Pamper and nourish your skin
  • Create a protective base for longer-lasting foundation
  • Reduce redness and inflammation
  • Moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated all day long
  • Stop oil and shine
  • Makeup primers work especially good for those with oily skin by reducing excess shine on the forehead, nose and chin
  • Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays’ some primers have a sunscreen and SPF 15 or more
  • Makeup primers create a perfect makeup base
  • Makeup primers fill in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Make enlarged pores appear smaller and less visible
  • Keep cosmetics out of the pores’ don’t clog the pores
  • Allow the foundation to go on smoother
  • Allow your skin to breathe normally as they don’t clog the pores
  • The makeup glides on smoothly and blends easily

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    • lia wrote:
      NARS has a primer with spf. My current favourite!

    • lelo wrote:
      thanks for this very informative "primer" tutorial. i'm kind of like a newbie in cosmetics and just heard of, "primer" not too long ago. i was a bit curious about what was "primer" and its use but was never informed on its use. so thanks so much for this! :)

    • darkpreety wrote:
      i'm still confuse bout makeup primer this is first time i heard about it.i'm kind of newbie in makeups... is it beauty creme work same as makeup primer?....the beauty creme got a very light color...

    • vani wrote:
      thanks for the article. really helpful. but i'm confused. can you please tell me how to choose a primer?

    • Gwen wrote:
      Question. I am just wondering cos my primer doesnt come with spf and if have to apply sunblock, which should go first? Moisturizer, sunblock then primer OR Moisturizer, primer then sunblock. Looking forward to a reply! Thanks!

    • Silvia Yaneva wrote:
      Gwen that’s a nice question. During the sunny months I recommend not to mix a moisturizer and a primer - it might be too heavy for the skin. What I recommend is as follows: when you wake up and clean your face apply the moisturizer, after a while if you are going to apply any makeup apply the sunblock and then the primer prior to the makeup. I do not think that you shall apply the moisturizer, the sunblock and the primer at the same time. So it always must be - first the sunblock then the primer. It will be better if you find a primer with SPF /such as NARD Makeup Primer / Hope this is helpful.

    • Madison wrote:
      Usually I just put cover up on the spots I need to and then I put a little bit of mineral powder and blush on. Would I need to put primer on my whole face or on just the spots I put cover up on? And also I usually wash my face then put lotion on. Would it be okay to put primer on immediately after I put on lotion? Thanks! :)

    • makeup wrote:
      I use Make Up For Ever primer - it comes in color tints to even out skin tone and is oil free. I love it, and I never splurge on these things.

    • Jenna wrote:
      I find that gel primers don't work on oily skin. My skin is crazy oily and my sister's is totally dry. She loves Smashbox, and I HATE it! It makes my skin way oilier. I use the Mattify! Cosmetics Ultra Powder as a primer and it's the best thing I've ever found to stop the oil and help makeup stay on. On days I forget to use it, my face breaks out and my makeup rubs off in like an hour.

    • monica wrote:
      I had heavy radiation on the left side of my face due to is now really dry and I have a puckering effect due to it all...will primer help?

    • peggy wrote:
      u guys r doin great

    • brookelyn wrote:
      BaremineralsPrimeTime face primer is currently my favorite out of the ones I've tried, for a working girl like me, I like to sleep, and it saves me quite sometime in the morning, it settles in your skin quick, allowing me to put foundation on only minutes later, the other ones I've tried take a lot long longer, ranging from 5-10minutes

    • Kayla wrote:
      I know this sounds gross, but I use Monistat's Chaffing Relief Gel. It's incredible as a primer, doesn't break you out, stops shine, all for under 8 dollars. Again, I know it sounds gross, because it's Monistat, but google it for yourselves, there's tons of reviews on it. It works like a miracle and it's cheap. LOVE IT!!

    • Lesley wrote:
      Hi there i thought the clarins one was more of a filler than primer? ive got it and the texture seems more like a filler i.e. loreal collagen filler than a primer to me. what are your views. lesley

    • Lesley wrote:
      also, kayla, ive heard people using this cream before. its a bit like people using 'pile' cream under eyes to tighten them. is it ok to use the chaffing gel longterm? i havent heard of monistat in the uk but have seen articles on the net for people who swear by it

    • Becky wrote:
      Hi I'm wondering which makeup primer would you recommend for really sensitive skin? Preferably one that helps reduce redness and pores, and helps to keep makeup last all day.. With the option of wearing the primer alone :)

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