How To Treat Dark Circles Under The Eyes At Home

Almost everyone gets dark circles under the eyes from time to time. This condition can affect anyone – women, men and children no matter their age. They are believed to be frequently hereditary, which means that if your mother or father have dark circles you are likely to have them as well.

In most of the cases the lack of sleep and tiredness are the main causes. It’s no dream that a good night’s sleep is nature’s best beauty treat. When we rest and are less stressed our skin enters its growth and repair cycle. Lack of enough sleep tends to cause the skin to become paler and reduce the blood circulation – the blood vessels become more visible through the skin. Lack of proper sleep over prolonged periods of time will make them more difficult to remove.


  • they can be hereditary
  • allergies
  • lack of sleep
  • nasal congestion
  • fluid retention
  • dehydration
  • iron deficiency – anemia
  • aging
  • stress
  • poor diet
  • smoking
  • extreme weight loss
  • chronic sinusitis
  • lack of vitamin K
  • engorged blood vessels
  • broken capillaries in the skin
  • excessive sun exposure

Anemia – iron deficiency may cause a blush tinge below the eyes. The skin usually look pale and the area around the eyes look darker. Include foods such as red meats, green vegetables, beans, raisins, eggs, and whole-grain breads that contain iron if you are deficient in iron.

Dehydration is among the main causes. If you don’t drink enough water everyday, you are not providing your body with as much water as it requires for flushing out toxins.

Nasal congestion can also cause them and swelling because the veins that drain from your eyes into your nose become dilated and darker.

Fluid retention is another cause of this condition. It often causes puffiness.

As we age the skin becomes thinner and thinner and more delicate. The skin becomes translucent, allowing the veins beneath prominent.

Extreme weight loss may also cause them. When you are losing weight too fast this can cause a sunken look.

Allergies can sometimes be the reason for them – food allergy, an allergy to a chemical.

Poor diet – sometimes lack of nutrients can lead to our bodies breaking down.

At home treatment

Do a hydrating facial mask twice a week – it may help you reduce the puffiness and discoloration.

If the dark circles are due to swelling and fluid retention, something as simple as applying cool tea bags or cucumber slices under the eyes may bring relief. Tea bags are known to effectively reduce the swelling and discoloration.

Apply cool cucumber slices – cucumbers are rich in water that helps to reduce puffiness and refresh the appearance of your skin. Cucumber slices have a soothing effect on the eyes.

Applying an eye cream every day is essential. Most of the eye creams designed to treat and heal dark circles contain retinol, Aloe Vera, vitamin K, vitamin C, alpha hydroxyl acid.

Wash your face with cold or lukewarm water in the morning and in the evening if puffiness occurs. Cold water calms the skin and constructs the blood vessels.

Drink dandelion tea to boost your kidneys. Sometimes abnormal kidney function can be the cause.

Drink plenty of water – drink at least 1.5 liter mineral water a day to improve circulation and to keep your body hydrated.

Eat a healthy diet – make sure you eat healthy food. Eat many fresh vegetables and fruits.


The best way to hide dark circles is to use a concealer.

First cleanse and moisturize your face. Apply moisturizer thoroughly and apply foundation with a wet sponge or using your fingertips. Blend the foundation well all over your face and apply a little bit under the eyes.

To cover up lightly dab some concealer along the bottom of the bags. Use only a little at first and build it up slowly, you don’t have to cake it on. Then blend the concealer into the skin with your fingers use a light rolling movements. It’s easier to use your ring finger. Try to keep the line under the bag the brightest so the shadow is neutralized and blend fully up to the lash line.Be careful with the application because if you apply too much the face may look overly made-up and fake. Choose a concealer with a yellow or peachy undertone to neutralize the blue and the green in the circles. Finish with translucent powder to set the foundation.

Avoid using dark eye shadows – sometimes a darker shade can emphasize these ugly circles.


  • Make sure you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Always weak a sunscreen with SPF at least 15 to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest.
  • Apply cool cucumber slices over closed eyes for 10 minutes anytime you want.
  • Apply an eye cream every day to nourish and protect your eyes.
  • Select an eye cream containing vitamin K and Aloe Vera.
  • Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Use a concealer in the appropriate shade to hide dark circles.
  • Don’t rub your eyes – it irritates the skin and can break the tiny capillaries beneath the skin.
  • Take vitamin K – they are often contributed to lack of vitamin K
  • Eat more cabbage, oranges, cucumbers, spinach – they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that prevent puffiness and dark circles.
  • Eat more strawberries, blueberries, parsley, cranberries – all these contain antioxidant pigments.
  • Avoid drawing attention to your under eye area – don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes.
  • They can worsen in people who smoke – so limit the number of cigarettes.
  • A cold compress applied to the eyes for 15 minutes can narrow the blood vessels.
  • Dark circles become more pronounced as you keep aging, that’s why it’s essential to use an eye cream.
  • Use a concealer a shade lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • Consult a dermatologist is the problem persists.

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