Using Wax Strips To Get Rid Of Upper-Lip Hair

The wax strips do a great job to remove the unwanted upper lip hair. They not only save time and money but they also remove the unwanted hair perfectly. The waxing strips come in different sizes – there are waxing strips for the upper lip, for the legs, arms, for the bikini-line. They work on short hair, providing hair removal results that last up to two/ three weeks.

Most of the packs include specially designed wipes (towelettes) that calm, soothe, moisturize the skin and remove any wax residue.

Common ingredients in the wax strips are: Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Titanium Dioxide, BHA, Silica, Microcrystalline Wax, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E.


  1. Step One. Make sure your skin is dry and clean. Don’t apply moisturizer, lotion or foundation if you are going to wax your upper lip. Your skin should be free of oil, cream or foundation before use.
  2. Step Two. You should heat the strips for better removal of the unwanted hair. To warm the wax, hold the strip in your palms for a few seconds.
  3. Step Three. Separate the two strips very slowly and carefully.
  4. Step Five. Apply the strip to the upper lip area. Make the strip adhere perfectly by running the palm of your hand over it several times. Don’t leave the strip on the skin for more than a few seconds, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove it.
  5. Step Six. Hold your skin taut and remove the wax strip swiftly – pulling the strip sharply away in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat again using the second strip is necessary until the unwanted hair is completely removed.
  6. Step Seven. Use the moisturizing wipe included in the pack and gently wipe your skin.


  • Always do a patch test before usage.
  • Always pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • You can use the strip for several times.
  • Always warm the wax with your palms before applying them to the skin.
  • The skin may become a little red after waxing the upper lip hair, because this area is very sensitive but it will disappear after approximately 30 minutes.
  • Never wax your upper lip after a bath.
  • Never wax if your skin is irritated, broken or has wounds.
  • Never use a lotion, soap or alcohol to remove the wax residue – use the moisturizing wipes for this aim.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun immediately after use.
  • Use baby oil, olive oil mineral oil to remove any wax residue.
  • To relieve any discomfort, apply a cold compress.
  • Wax should not be used by people suffering from diabetes or varicose veins, moles or warts.

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