Getting Longer Lasting Tan

Whether you’re on the beach, near the pool, or in the mountain, to have a good protection against sun is a must. We all know it is necessary to apply products containing UV filters, but we often forget to do it. When taking a shower, we get rid of sea salt residues, chlorine from the pool and self-tanners. But that’s not enough for the skin – we must use special after sun skin care products in order to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

Some of us apply only a simple body lotion, no matter what kind exactly. It’s not the best decision for sure. Although they hydrate the skin, these products do not restore skin’s health, don’t cure the damage caused by the harmful UV rays and the wind, don’t make your suntan last longer, don’t soothe irritations and don’t raise your skin’s defense for the next day.

That’s why after sun skin care (including body, face and hair) is extremely important. Cosmetic laboratories all over the world throw much effort and money to create the best formulas for refreshing and soothing the skin after sunbathing, and to make your sun tan last longer. Thanks to the special ingredients (aloe vera, camomile, marigold, mimosa, alantoine, panthenol, Vitamins F, C and E, as well as other active substances) after sun products not only keep moist level high, but also prevent skin peeling and inflammations, caused by the UV rays.

After sun products are a kind of healing cocktail that makes skin smooth, supple and ready to be exposed on the sun again. Compared to other sun care products, after sun care cosmetics contain more restoring and rejuvenating agents. Main function of after sun lotions and creams is to hydrate and leave a cool and calming feel of freshness.  After sun hair care products restore hair’s structure, prevent tearing and moisturize scalp’s skin.

Some products contain essential oils that fight free radicals, ensure cell defense and make the tan last longer. It is obligatory to use them, even if you were careful and did not let your skin redden or sunburn. Your skin is already harmed, even if you don’t see any visible signs of injury. You see why you have to use after sun products every time you go sunbathing, on a clean and dry skin. Remember, it’s not only the sun that damages the skin; it’s the wind, the salty sea water, the sand, and chemicals when bathing in a pool. Boosting skin’s moisture levels, these little cosmetic wonders prevent photoaging, avert peeling, and thus keep your tan even and long-lasting.

The market today offers plenty of such products, in all kind variations: gels, creams, lotions, even foams, with or without oils, with various scents, with or without skin cooling effect… You no longer need an excuse to use after sun products – using them is not only a necessity, it’s a real pleasure and a true beauty ritual.

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