Get Glowing Skin In A Few Days

Steam your face
Steaming the face is the best way to thoroughly deep clean your pores. Steaming the face once a week for example is very important to loosen debris that may be embedded into the skin. When steaming the face you widen any clogged pores and soften the skin in order to cleanse more easily the impurities, the traces of makeup, the dust, the sebaceous secretions as well as the dead skin cells.

Boil a pan of water with herbs ( for oily skin you can use thyme, peppermint or lemon; for sensitive and dry skin use chamomile or lime; for normal skin can use rosemary or lavender) and steam your face for approximately 10/ 15 minutes.

Gently exfoliate
Exfoliating your skin gently straight after steaming your face is probably the best way to make your skin glowing again as you will be able to remove debris, makeup that might have been clogged into your pores and most importantly you will remove the dead skin cells that usually leave to dull, patchy complexion. Use a mild exfoliator that suits your skin type and scrub with gentle circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Don’t exfoliate your skin for more than 2/ 3 minutes, otherwise you can irritate it.

Remember: When you exfoliate your face you remove the dead surface skin cells and the oil that cause pores to plug and lead to problems like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acne.

Apply a mask
The best time for applying facial mask is after steaming your face, because the pores are open and the mask will be able to penetrate deeply into the skin. Choose a face mask that suits your skin type and apply it once or twice a week. A brightening mask works great to bring back the glow to your face buy you might decide to try another mask – there are great firming, nourishing, purifying and hydrating facial masks on the market specially designed for every skin type.

Nourish your skin
You cannot expect to have glowing skin if you don’t nourish it properly. Right before going to bed apply a thick layer of nourishing face cream. Look for a product that contains more natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, honey, chamomile, almond oil, olive oil, vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals and essential oils. In the morning cleanse your face with a mild facial cleanser and gently massage your face with light, circular motions to improve blood circulation and to make your skin glowing.

You can make your skin glow with the appropriate makeup products. It’s essential to apply a moisturizer or a hydrating face cream every morning no matter your skin type or age.

Choose a sheer liquid foundation and apply it onto a cleansed and well-moisturized face. If you want to make your foundation flawless-looking and to make it stay put on for longer consider applying a makeup primer before the foundation. The aim of a primer is to prepare the skin for the makeup application, to pamper the skin and creating a protective base for longer- lasting, natural looking foundation.

Consider applying a light-reflecting face powder if your skin is absolutely clear – free of pimples, scars, blackheads, whiteheads, brown spots and other skin imperfections. Apply the powder with a big, round powder brush over the entire face or only to the cheeks.

Use a blush in pink or peachy shade as these shades suit almost everyone and look more natural. Apply the blusher with a blush brush and build the color gradually. Use a powder blush as it last longer than a cream or gel blush. Choose brighter shades as they will make your skin glow and will freshen your skin.

Lipsticks or lip glosses in brighter shades will also make your skin glow. First outline your lips with a nude lip pencil or with a natural-toned lip liner and use a lipstick brush to apply the color evenly. Remove the excess with a tissue and then apply a second layer for a more saturated lip color and for a longer-lasting lipstick color.


  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin and body hydrated.
  • Avoid yellow-based makeup products as they can make your skin appear dull.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly with a mild exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells.
  • Experiment with different colors to see what looks great on you.
  • Look for makeup products and skincare products that offer sun protection (with SPF at least 15).
  • Choose a liquid foundation and a liquid concealer for a lighter coverage.
  • Look for light-reflecting makeup products if your skin is clear – free of pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, whiteheads, spots.
  • Always remove your makeup in the evening with a gentle makeup remover.
  • Always apply your makeup to a cleansed, toned and moisturized skin.
  • Form a habit of cleansing your face every day with appropriate products – cleansers, toners and use face creams containing natural ingredients.
  • Choose a tinted moisturizer in place of a foundation.
  • Make sure all your skincare products and makeup products are appropriate for your skin type.

Glowing skin with banana and milk
Mashing the banana together with milk and applying it to the face for 20 minutes. This natural mask will give the skin a healthy glow. Honey is another great household item to use on the face to get that fresh glow. Leaving honey on the skin for around 20 minutes will keep the skin tight and healthy looking.

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    • Anonymous wrote:
      I have uneven patches of color in my face. It makes my face horrible. If only my face is smoother and lighter in color, I wouldn't have to wear conceler or face powders. I want to be natural for at least a week. I mean no make-ups and everything. But how can I if I have something to cover up in my face. How shall I work on with this problem of mine? pls help me =(

    • Bill Younger wrote:
      I read a tip online about eating goji berries for better looking skin. I bought a couple of bags but they didn't taste too good. I'm going to eat them anyway and see what happens. Bill

    • Kendre’ wrote:
      I use to love my skin, clear complextion* and all! but then all a sudden my face gets oily and little pimples here and there. I tried everything from creams to masks, but still can't seem to get the oil off for good! but idk

    • sara wrote:
      does lemon juice really work to lighten the skin longterm

    • annonomous wrote:
      hi there, do you HAVE to use herbs to steam your face? IM me at supericestar4 or go to and comment the answer or something!

    • Vikusha wrote:
      Buy potatoes,then pick 3 potatoes each family member, peel them and cut them in 4. Take a big pot, put potatoes inside it and feel in water. Put the pot on the oven to boil. Wait till the potatoes are soft. ( don't forget to salt the water) After potatoes are boiled and soft, ermm ;p throw water out make sure covering the pot with a pot cap, leaving a hole for water to leak out. (sorry forgot the words that i want to use xD). After the water is out, and only boiled potatoes are there ;p throw a towel on your head, and steam your face, breathe slowly. Also you know when you peel cucumber skin, and rub it on your face, :0 it cleans your skin, opens pores. It also can help your dry skin ;p just rub it on your face ( don't wash it away just leave it on) it will bring oil back to skin .Oil is important for the skin, it protects your skin. Oil is like a layer. If you don't have oil layer ;p your skin will go dry, so its good if you have oil on your face. And yea you do have to wash your face, because dirt gets on your layer ;p etc..

    • anjelo wrote:
      i have acne holes on ma face.. i m suffering frm that.. please temm me a methrd to cure it

    • dee dee wrote:
      please show answer to anjelo's question

    • isabelle wrote:
      my friend suffered from acne.. i guess about 6 mos ago.. she tried dr.kaufman soap--the brown one.. it is especially made for skin related problems.. then afterwhich, she uses a toner(not just the usual toner but it has to have a salicylic acid in it) then afterwards dabs a moisturizer. after few mos we noticed that her skin is much lighter now esp the acne spots.. ***just a suggestion for u guys out there..

    • isabelle wrote:
      oh and with anjelo's question.. try chemical or dimaond peel... or better consult ur dermatologist.. hope it helped:)

    • Elaine wrote:
      ive been using many different foundations and one of the best foundations that i recommend is MAC studio fix that gives a nice clean finish and it doesnt make me breakout as much as other foundations, or you can try this mineral foundation, called emani. They don't make these anymore in stores like Macy or etc., but you can find them online on amazon. This foundation is amazing because I know makeup-- after using it for awhile, your skin tends to lose it's natural color, because makeup is bad for your skin because it doesn't allow the pores to breathe which is why we get breakouts, pores and etc. But this foundation, the Emani one.. it helped me restore my natural color even without makeup and it gives me a good coverage and makes my face brighten. I love it, I ordered so many because they are so limited now. Honestly, you guys should try it out. And I suffer from acne all over my face, and I hate stuff that takes forever for it to heal. My sister ordered these acne creams from It's like a mix and match thing and it's pretty cheap. I'm not gonna lie, I have really sensitive skin and I always recommend it to my friends! It doesn't make your skin dry or irritate. It goes on smoothly and I usually put a little squeeze on my finger and apply and it dries up in 30 seconds or so. The next morning my acne is already clearing up and believe me, you have to try it. Also, drinking alot of water and washing your face everyday 2x is important for a clean healthy skin. And lemon juice doesn't really help brighten or lighten your skin. Try this cream, called Makari. It's really really good for lightening your skin. I used it for one week and my skin tone is even and white. I've tried so many techniques and creams, really waste of money. But many people said Makari works so I decided to try it and I love the cream, I heard this is used for people in Africa. I ordered it on Amazon.

    • faria wrote:
      i like your tips but there something to tell you i am mother of three children.before marriage i had a very glowing skin but after the deliveries of three children my skin colour has glown down please help me to glow up my skin again

    • annonymous wrote:
      Eat tomatoes, they make your skin really clear &fresh

    • annonymous wrote:
      Also, a good foundation (because my skin is quite oily) I use duwop foundation of youth you can buy it from Its ?26 (pricey-i know.) But its really worth it! It gives really even coverage and Makes your skin glow really nicely &even better lasts all day and is Suitable for any skin type! Check it out! :) But if you have quite patchy skin try clinique anti-blemish solutions As it gives really good coverage but also helps get rid of patchs and blemishes Hope this all helped!

    • Elaine wrote:
      To Faria: I hope this can help you brighten up your complexion, I have tried this on my mother recently and we figured this is a really good technique. But before everything, one way to brighten up your skin, make sure you use a cleanser that has words telling you it is microdermabrasion, what it does is, it exfoliates, cleans up the dirt beneath pores so there's oxygen flowing through and it actually makes your skin appear younger. And make sure you use a good toner after! I'm asian and what I taught my mother to use was face masks. It's actually inexpensive. My mom uses it every 2 weeks and her face has a very shiny complexion, it looks very smooth and bright, not from oil though! Try to buy it from Beauty supply shops own by asians. They usually sell all sorts of American stuff, but there should be an aisle where they have the masks. The brightening masks are usually in a box of 6 which sell for $15-$20 or less, I don't know. But when you use the masks, cut a few very thin slices of cucumbers and put it on top of the masks and take a nap or something. Put it longer than 20 minutes, wait until it dries up, then take it off. You'll see the big difference after! I guarantee you. And don't wash your face after, just let it cool down. I hope it works for you :)

    • saima wrote:
      hi,i m a mother of i m 30 having problems of chloasma(dark spots after pregnancy), dark circles&shrinked lines on forehead (may idea).i m really frustrated and tensed.pleaze help me.i have dry skin.wat shud i do?i m waiting

    • Elaine wrote:
      if you are starting to have dark circles and wrinkles, why don't you try egg mask? I usually recommend the egg mask because it's very organic and what it does is it brightens your complexion, it also tightens your face to prevent any wrinkles and it also smoothens it out. I realized using makeup to try and cover things up doesn't work to heal the skin, so this product that I use is very popular in Asia and most of us do not like to use makeup because it damages our skin, changes our natural skin tone. So I would prefer you buy BB CREAM, there's different types and you should read reviews about them. It works like makeup, but it brightens your skin, it contains collagen so it can make your skin look younger PLUS it protects you from any sun damage. It's great and maybe a little pricey, but it's really worth it! Everyone I know uses BB cream! They have made so many kinds, you can find whichever one that fits you! once again, tell me what you think~ and GOOD LUCK :)

    • fathima wrote:
      hi am 21 yrs old... I have dark brown colour dull complexion plzzz suggest 4 fair n glowin skin

    • Maria wrote:
      If you skin is oily, after cleanser, and exfolient, cover you face with a cucumber (cut in very think piece) and relax for 20 minute.

    • Aabi wrote:
      I have a lot of pimples on my face. I appy a lot of medicine.i get rid from pimples but i have a dark shade on my whole face pls help me.i am frastrated .i am 19 years old

    • abeer wrote:
      i want glow skin

    • HARINI wrote:
      HI FRIENDS,,take one carrot,one banana,2 drops of honey and 2 almond and cut d carrot and banana and put in to mixie and put alomond and also honey drops and mixure it nicely and apply on ur face atleast 1 hour and throughly wash ur face 2 times u'll definitely get ur skin fair and also glow.i follow this once in a 2 weeks.pls try it..but onething friends the mixie have 2 clean properly..see u all...

    • salma wrote:
      my face skin colour is pale....i wanna something give it back ahealthy and rosy colour

    • harini wrote:
      hi salma take pink roses and mixure it wit milk and lemon,2 drops of honey..and then apply on ur face for 20 minutes and wash it in a cool water it will really glow and moisture ur skin..

    • Anonymous wrote:
      From pak i hv a problm after couple of months a pimple apear on my forehead r on nose it remains at least two weeks and makes a little wound and leaves a drk spot there which is matter of worry 4 me plz give me some tips to avoide

    • salma wrote:
      thanks harina for this description,i will try it today and i will tell u the result ;)

    • harini wrote:
      hi friend..first u cleanser ur face with raw milk wit use of cotton.apply on ur face just 10 minutes it's clean dust on ur face then apply the mixture of cucumber with curd on ur face 20 minutes it's remove blackmarks and ur face will will avoid the pimples.use it regularly..

    • sonam wrote:
      hi...i m suufering from achee plus oil can u please help me.

    • rinky wrote:
      take one spoon of olive oil & add half of a lemon, mix it apply on your face after 5 min wash it.

    • rap-s wrote:
      how to make face pack at home?

    • duaa wrote:
      hy my name is duaa and i am a bit tan i kept on playing in the sun now this happened so can u tell me to get a fair complextion and a glowing skin in a month pleaseeeeeeeeee help me

    • duaa wrote:
      hy my name is duaa and i am a bit tan so can u tell me to get a fair complextion n a month pleaseeeeeeeeee help me

    • harini wrote:
      Hi friend..u can improve ur skin tone by applying potato juice on ur face..pls make a'll help u more..take one potato n wash it wit a clean water..and grind it on mixie and get a juice on it..then apply tat juice on ur face by cotton.pls wait just 10 minutes and wash it wit a clean water.but one condition dude the juice won't touch ur hybrows n eye lashes.after wash ur face u'll apply the facial pack what i told before.(tat carrot,apple,banana,honey,almond mixure)it ll surely help for glowing n fairer skin dude..take care duaa..drink more water it'll help u to get glowing skin

    • duaa wrote:
      hi thnx harini for ur advice can u plzz inform me how many days or months does it take to glowing fairer skin ill defenitely try and tell u the results and do i have to apply it daily or weekly thnx again take care Go bless

    • deen wrote:
      hey god gave us good good whatever we have keep like......

    • deen wrote:
      if you want to have glow your skin always use tomoto every day morning just 30min let it get absorb.. when you go to a bath dont use soap ... becz soap has more chemical you know???

    • harini wrote:
      hi duaa don't mention thnaks n all between friends ..don't u know?u shld use this pack 2 times in a week tat's help u takes some time..but it's natural way of bleach n shine ur skin dude..take care da..

    • fathima wrote:
      hai may skin is dark i want 2 make it bettr colour n glow soo plz help i want ma result withun 1 week

    • duaa wrote:
      hy harini duaa again well u said we r frendz so just wanna no that r u 4rm pak and if u r 4rm pak where ddo u live i love meeting new people and making pen frendz so just wanna no that take care

    • harini wrote:
      hi from tamilnadu r u?

    • I need a body cream that will make me very light and fresh wrote:
      Am a nigerian I bought a fair and white cream but it is making me dark.

    • duaa wrote:
      me f9how old r u

    • HARINI wrote:
      20 years old duaa..what's ur date of birth n what s d meaning f ur name?

    • mia wrote:
      hi, can anyone help coz iv got this problem, well my skin was so good i used to get compliments, so clear and glowing but recently iv started getting black spots like beauty spots all over my face. I hate it and wish i knew why this is happining and how to stop and cure it. Thanx in advance

    • fathima wrote:
      any1 iz de 2 help m plzzz suggest somethi which makes ma skin fair

    • duaa wrote:
      my date of birth is 8 december and the meaning of my name is prayer what is the meaning of ur name

    • Mariah wrote:
      For any oily skin I recommend an oil free foudation and concelar and washing all your makeup off before bed. I wil be adding some more articles about getting great glowing and oil free skin!!!

    • Mariah wrote:
      Hi Saima, What kind of foundaton do you use?

    • Mariah wrote:
      Hi Mia, Do you mean that you are getting birthmarks because if you are than apply more sunscreen to prevent them from getting even worse

    • maya wrote:
      i want glow my skin in home only plz tell me domestic panacea for fair

    • Mariah wrote:
      Hi Maya, For glowing skin wash your face before you go to bed with a gentle cleanser. I will also add information about how to get glowing skin on my website Visualizing a great self image.

    • sweety wrote:
      i m 20 yrs old. n i hav got a very dull n oily skin. there few blackheads on my cheeks n forehead.. there some scars too. n can u please tell me how to get a glowing skin and a flawless face.. i feel underconfident n ashamed of it..

    • tayia wrote:
      Ive discovered that if you use a cheap scrub like cyclax apricot facial scrub (it comes in a big tub so u get plenty) and rub it into your skin feet, shins, then thighs arms etc cover everywere till you get to your face, use the back of your hands for rubbing in also as you get the softest hands ever, rub in circular motions than let it dry in, (say, while you wash your hair) then shower off rubbing again, shave legs with conditioner. get the smothest softest skin and it helps fade imperfections also, the smoothness lasts for about a week. after exfoliating your face this way use bio oil to massage your face, this also has agents that help to clear imperfections, then rinse and towel dry.If you have spots then dont use comsmetics that dry your skin out, ESPECIALLY those blotting papers, i used them on my nose which by the end of the day ended my nose was oozing oil. your skin thinks its being 'starved' of moisture and produces more oil. and mixing benifits high beam (a little of it) with your foundation and applying sparingly where needed also gives a lovely glow,then a stick blusher, not powder. use powder just on nose, centre of forehead and chin. I have a very difficult complexion and have tried loads of stuff, i find these things work on me so hope they help someone else. ps the bio oil needs to be used regularly for fading imperfetions but helps skin glow straight away, expensive but u only need the tiniest amount :D

    • tayia wrote:
      l'oreal 'secrets' face primer is great for making skin look even eg pores, dark spots etc. my sister uses it and im buying it asap after seeing results on her skin and trying it on mine. ?12 -?15 dependin on where u shop. Also pores arnt like doors, they dont open and close.spent to much money on skin care items claiming to close pores, havnt found one that has made a noticable difference. I think the only way to permenantly reduce their noticibilty is regular micro-dermabrasion.

    • Zea wrote:
      I'm dark but my face is darker and so dull.what can i do?

    • Zea wrote:
      I'm dark but my face is darker and so dull.what can i do?i'm nt satisfied with my look

    • krishnaa wrote:
      hi my face is soo dull,acne prbs,i want to get glowing face.what can i do for that??? my lips are alway dry give me some tips.

    • thiagu wrote:
      how to get a glowing skin in one month....

    • Anonymous wrote:
      Hi av got really bad skin acne bad on the side of me face which just keeps gettin bigger, an inbetween me eyebrows an no matter what a use or do a cannot get rid of them. Its quite oily is there anything anyone can suggest for me plz.

    • kokie wrote:
      i've got a problem with my face. it's kind of oily face . i want to reduce those oil from my face , what should i do? anyway, i've got many acne hole on my face . could you please tell me what should i do to make my face become healthier and smooth? i am glad and waiting your reply . thanks!

    • jyothi wrote:
      hi harini am too much black because of my colour am not getting select in any job so pls tell me wat shall i do to get whitish face

    • jaya wrote:
      hai, am 21 my skin is dark brown in colour nd very much oily... bt b4 my skin was not lyk dis... i dnt know what happened to my skin...plz suggest some home made remedies to make my skin fairer nd glowing... and i want my skin tone back

    • keerthi thomas wrote:
      hi, from last two years i am drinking 6 liters of corporation water per day, but no changes in my face, i got black patch on my forehead, wats, scars and i am dark to, some one told me if i drink water complexion will change and skin will glow, but no changes so far, i hate the site of my face and my skin, i itself think like this what about others, when i am walking on the road people turn they faces once they see me, i will feel very bad, please tell me what is the reason for my skin is not glowing after taking water for so many day, i am taking water not fruits . please help me , may be corporation water is not woking out or what. bye

    • Mayowa wrote:
      Need to restore my colour.can u reccomend staying away from heavy makeup.

    • jayapriya wrote:
      i have dandruff and oily so pimples and black marks are ther how to avoid this and my skin is tanned due to sun and heat pores are ther how to reduce that and what kind of face wash and foundation cream will suit for my skin... and to over come my pimples and dandruff and ioly skin....

    • jayapriya wrote:
      really more informative and usefull..............................

    • Anonymous wrote:
      i am 23 i have got lose baby type normal skin . plz suggest me what should i do for a glowing fair skin by home remedies? plz answer

    • sangita wrote:
      i have got baby type lose and normal skin .plz suggest me what should i do for glowing and fair skin ?suggest me home remedies

    • taheera wrote:
      hyy my skin is very dull and dry what should i do?

    • Ajay wrote:
      Hi,i am 30 yrs, i had a clear fair skin,but rescent days my skin in the face has become little uneven and is not clear and supple.I lost my colour,have some black patches.suggest me a good remidey plz.

    • yusra wrote:
      hi pls help me out my skin's discolurtion???

    • mary wrote:
      hi im 15, i get spots on my chin and forehead every so often how do i prevent this? i wear make up daily , i wouldnt if i got colour on my face because otherwise my face is in pretty good shape, my face is also very pale! do you have a fast way of getting colour on it , if you do please tell thanks!!

    • Vikusha wrote:
      Hello Friends, Eating a lot of Fruits and Vegetables are a must for your body. Drinking just water will not help you to clean and repair inside and out the body. Vegetable such as Broccoli is really good and rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for your hair, skin, teeth, helps body in fighting infections and keeping red blood cells healthy. Broccoli is also a good source of vitamin K. For yummier and softer taste, boil the broccoli and add to your food such as boiled/baked potatoes. Potatoes are a good source of vitamins(C,A,B6,B12,K,E, and more) minerals and fiber, especially if you eat the skin. As for the skin, i suggest you to wash the potatoes very good, so the dirt will go away. After that boil/bake potatoes. :) And enjoy them with other vegetables. Make sure you eat fruit after each meal or maybe before you go to bed. Do a little research on each vegetable and fruit. Write down everything you read about them. I mean what vitamins they have, how bad or good they are for you. That's what i did. Make sure you read everything about them. As for the skin, to avoid making a scar on your skin. Take a small needle, carefully make an opening on the pimple. A pimple white thing can't get out of the skin if there is no opening. If you start pushing the pimple out without an opening, some of it you push down deep to the skin, which may lead to a bigger growing pimple (infection). Make sure you wash you hands first, take a needle, make carefully a tiny hole(opening), and then gently push it out till u see a little red blood. Then stop. You may still see a little pump later, but there will be nothing inside, just a small water your body produced(makes it look like a pimple, but its not). It repairs your skin where the pimple was. No more touching it. Avoid touching your skin, our hands produce oil too, make sure your hair always clean[free of oil]. If your hair starts to get oily, Wash it to avoid the oil from hair getting onto your face. Always wash your face 2 times: 1 in the morning and 1 at night before you go to bed. Avoid rubbing your skin with a towel, just tap gently with your towel. Its to avoid dryness and loss of moisture. Use good soap that will not damage you skin. The best soap is a mild soap. Its a soft soap that will not steal the moisture your skin produced. Do not take a hot bath, this is bad for you skin. Hot bath robs you of your skin moisture. Make sure the water is warm. Don't stay too long in the bath. Spend maximum 20 minutes or less in the bath. :) Same goes for shower, always use warm water. I hope it will help you a litle.

    • krishnaa wrote:
      hi friends !! for acne problem use clean&clear face scrub for 3 days and after washing the face apply olay (fairness cream) .. its really working .. try it now.. keep glowing ..

    • fatima wrote:
      i have always dirt on my skin and i hav a dry skin wid pimples ,acne,whit n black heads on m face i need a smooth n glowing skin

    • fatima wrote:
      im 16yrs

    • Dr.K.Bains wrote:
      If you want to have smoother skin make sure that you steam you face at least once or twice a week and if you have rough, dull skin you should use fresh sea salts or a sea salt mask at least once a week tto make you face smoother and appear more vibrant

    • Dr.K.Bains wrote:
      If you have dark spots after having children you should do more excercise, drink fresh apple or orange juice and use fresh fruit like a mask on you face like blended apples or cucumber or even kiwi. You should always be hydrated and put moisteriser on everyday such as NIVEA or OLAY.

    • Dr.K.Bains wrote:
      The best way to get fresh, glowing skin is using natural ingredient such as avacados or the ones i have listed above.

    • Saranya Ravendran wrote:
      use amway G&H lotion for beautiful skin. Ihave got good result through it.

    • sovana samanta sinhar wrote:
      how i looking fair.plz tell me

    • chekwa wrote:
      i learened alot from this site

    • chekwa wrote:
      Thanks for all the advice.

    • meet wrote:
      i want very fair n glow skin,please please tell me what should i do /?

    • vani wrote:

    • fareeha wrote:
      thanks a lot i understand very well now

    • Tess wrote:
      Yo Meet, If you want advice on how to get a fair glow in your skin Read the tips here in the comments or in the article and look it up. Simple.

    • sue wrote:
      I know a way - keep on getting together with the lotion.

    • neelam naudiyal wrote:
      apply pineapple to get a glowing skin

    • Monisha Vijay Kumar wrote:
      apply turmeric paste to get a glowing skin

    • mahmooda wrote:
      hi my face nerver keep the powder what i do my face is oily pleas help me

    • mahmooda wrote:
      which kinds of powders i use my face oily plzzzzzzzzzz help me soonbye

    • shilpa wrote:
      plz suggest me my skin is not clear , bleakspots ,black scars n black heads on my face which is left by pimples...but now i dont hv pimples. i want to very clear skin even i am having very fair complexion.

    • Nina wrote:
      ..for fair skin use milk powder wid honey will also make ur skin see da result u hav to wait 2 week bt it sud b used Everyday~remember....n raw milk wid honey and tumeric powder will do last i wanna say its nt impt to hav fair skin bt wat matters is to hav clear glowing skin..

    • Nina wrote:
      For blackheads~use baking powder..mix it wid water n apply it for 15 mins n wash wid lukewarm water..

    • sarah wrote:
      hii guys!can you guys solve my problem too.actually,i have too much oily skin but it doesnt cause pimples on my face.i wash my face b4 going to school and even apply cream thinking it will not allow the oil to come on face but by 2 hrs my face looks dull ,oily and blackish with dust ..i feel so embarasing :(.but my face looks glowing when i wash my face with soap ,by the time i come home my face looks like oil head ........guys can u plzz help me plzzzzzzz ...rply soooooooooooon plz...i'll be ur friend if u help me :).

    • Dr sarmistha wrote:
      For acne or pimple or zits ,oily face - first of all never prick or touch pimple with your dirty hand. 2) every time when you are going to do make up wash your hand properly and use sensitizer 3)use 3steps clinique for oily skin really do help with pimple and shinny skin. 4)take isotretinoin 20 one tablet everyday for a month warning don't take it if you are pregnant. It dries up your oily skin and make your skin glow. You can get it in any medical store. It will make your lips dry So for that use a very good moisturizer for lip ...or u can use glycerin . 5) apply Adapalene 1% every night after washing your face with clinique. 6) ointment clindamycin should be use morning after washing your face everyday for two month 7) use a good sunscreen gel base ..u v sorb is the best one Clinique is expensive but you can see the result in one week. If you can't afford use AHA glow face's not expensive it makes your skin clean and less oily. If anything you can ask me..

    • keerthana wrote:
      i am having so many black spots on my face plz say me some tips to get rid of dark spots

    • Dr Hanan wrote:
      What you eat affects your skin. For eg if you eat a lot of junk, greasy and oily foods will give you pimples ect.. It will show on your face. You need to eat healthy and excercise in order to have healthy skin. It will take a while To get a healthy glow. You always need enough sleep.

    • kaneng wrote:
      hi i need a lottion dat will make my skin glow am a black lady

    • Nahin wrote:
      How To Make my Skin Glowing In One Day? i am having so many black spots on my face plz say me some tips to get rid of dark spots.

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