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We all like the way the Hollywood star’s eyes look like – so sexy and seductive. Their secret is the smokey eye effect. No matter what your eye shape is, this sexy eye make-up will look fabulous on your face. You have to begin by applying a taupe shade as a neutral base color over your eyelids.

Use a kohl pencil and draw along the inner rims of the eyes, along your lash line and then smudge to soften the effect. To create  a flawless look and to avoid mistakes hold your chin up and look down into a mirror to get a good view of your lash-line.

If you are having small eyes apply only to the outer two thirds of the eye, if you have large eyes trace the whole rim. Apply colored eye shadows along the socket and outer corner of the lid in order to create definition and contour.

Apply two or three coats of black or brown mascara to the upper lashes and just one coat to your lower lashes. Finish by curling the lashes. You can keep the make-up looking sexy and sultry, by applying your make-up before applying the base. Doing this you can repair any mistakes afterwards without fear of wiping away your foundation. Brush a loose shimmer pigment in rust-brown over the lids and in the inner corners.


  • Satin and matte eyeshadows will give you a more subdued effect.
  • Shimmer and metallics are ideal to intensify a day look for the evening.
  • Use three brushes to apply the colors.
  • Blend the colors very carefully using a soft, tapered brush.
  • Avoid places filled with smoke or too humid rooms, in order to keep your make-up longer lasting.

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