Treating Warts Guide

Warts are caused by a type virus. Not only that, it is very contagious. Having physical contact, or sharing clothing with a person who has warts, is a sure way to get them. This is why it is very easy to get them, and why they are very common. Wart virus is a little different compared to other types of viruses, because the symptoms manifest itself outside the body. Other ways in which this virus enters the body is through the eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore it is important to wash your hands well, if you have touched someone who has warts.

Removing is a relatively easy task. Some methods use chemicals; others use cryogenic, laser and natural remedies. As far as chemical based creams go, one of the most common one is to use salicylic acid creams. Even though this cream is considered safe, it can take a while before you will see any results. It may take a few weeks or a month or 2, before the warts start to disappear. The next option is the cryogenic method. It is also known as cryosurgery. In its early days this procedure was done only at the doctor’s office. However, now it is available as a home remedy.

Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen to get the job done. Nowadays aerosol cans filled with this substance is available over the counter to be used. Warts grow near blood vessels; therefore the roots need to be destroyed. Cryosurgery is effective most of the time; however, there is always the chance it will grow back later. Before using this product be sure to read the instructions before hand. It may cause a little pain in the area applied, therefore use with caution on children.

For those of you who like to try a more natural based treatment, then it is worth looking into marigold tinc. This is a product based on organic marigold. It was discovered that marigold has the capability of destroying the wart virus. Marigold tinc is an external medication, and it is done by putting 3-4 drops on the wart a few times a day. Eventually the wart will dry out and the core of the wart will fall out.

The next method involves using antibiotics. However, as we all know antibiotics have their side effects, so it is advisable to talk to a doctor before going this route. In some rare cases, taking vitamin supplements help with wart removal. Last but not least, if all else fails; there is always laser treatment available. This is usually only done as a last resort, but always works. This option is also the costliest one. Therefore, before going this route, make sure you find an experienced medical professional to do it.

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