Eye Wrinkles

The eye area is one of the first regions of the face to show the signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is deprived of oil glands and is very delicate and that’s why the skin doesn’t have a protection against the environments influences and UV rays. Eye wrinkles / crow’s feet/ are a common and highly visible sign of aging.

The lack of oil glands makes the skin around the eyes prone to dehydration and makes it easier for the wrinkles to form. Unfortunately many women forget to use special eye creams and the result isn’t behind.

The hot sun during the summer and the bitter cold weather during the winter defeat the skin. The tiny lines around the eyes usually appear when we reach our late twenties. These lines gradually deepen over the years and become prominent, because the skin is the thinnest and most delicate in the entire body. The eyelid area is one of the most animated parts of the face with strong muscles creating multiple expressions.

The most common cause of wrinkles around the eyes is the tiny muscles next to our eyes, contracting as we change our facial expressions, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop smiling.

The loss of elasticity also causes the formation of wrinkles. As we get older our skin loses its elasticity and produce less collagen under the skin. All of this makes the skin sag and wrinkle.

The sun is also to blame. The sum damages the collagen fibres and causes the accumulation of abnormal elastin. The ultraviolet radiation (UV) causes wrinkles by breaking down the collagen and decreasing the skin’s elasticity and is associated with the formation of sun spots and other types of sun damage.

Smoking also helps the skin around the eyes to wrinkle easily, because it causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the layers of the skin. Smoking damages the elastin and collagen that help to keep the skin soft, tight and elastic. Smokers tend to have more wrinkles around the eyes than the non-smokers. Smoking also increases the wrinkles around the mouth because smokers squint more.

What you should do to prevent:

  • Don’t forget to cleanse the skin around the eyes in the morning with special eye lotions or cleansing milk.
  • Apply an eye cream with light pats but don’t stretch the skin. Apply them carefully starting at the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corners.
  • At night remove the makeup carefully. Apply cleansing milk and remove the mascara firstly and when you have removed the makeup completely apply an eye cream again.

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, and that’s why you should use special eye creams or gels that are specifically made for the delicate eye area. Most of them contain ingredients that relax the muscles, vitamins, retinol and collagen.


  • The eye cream should be applied before the face cream
  • Apply an eye mask twice a week
  • Place tea-bags over the eyes to calm irritates eyes
  • If your skin is sensitive use fragrance-free products
  • Always apply sunscreen, especially during the summer months
  • Avoid using creamy eye shadows- they may seep into your fine lines and accentuate them even more
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Drink lots of water, at least 1.5 liter
  • Wear hats and black sunglasses especially during the summer
  • Avoid smoking – it makes you squint and deprive your skin from “air”
  • Take vitamins and eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Always use products of high quality

Facial Massage Treatment

Skillful massage technique should tone and stimulate the tissues without causing skin distension, loss of relaxation and irritation.
Massage is an effective way to counter wrinkles and fine lines which give an oldish look. It is a slow process and its results will be obvious only when it is continued for a longer period of time.

Facial massage reduces the unattractive fleshiness, tightens the tissues and muscles and increases blood circulation. Massaging the face will help keep the skin hydrated and encourage you to relax.

  • always clean your face before massaging
  • make sure your hands are clean
  • make sure you have removed all traces of makeup, otherwise the pores of skin can be blocked by particles and dirt
  • apply a massaging oil or cream that is suitable for your skin type
  • start from the neck upwards and end at the forehead or temples, because all veins and tissues get blood circulation by this process
  • start with a slow speed from the neck and speed increases as it moves
  • the massage should be done slowly by hitting and vibrating the skin
  • the skin should be pressed lightly with the tips of fingers
  • remove the massaging oil with damp cotton pads
  • at the end apply a hydrating face cream
  • avoid applying any makeup during the next three/ four hours
  • when massaging your face around the eyes, always work from the outer temple inward the bridge of the nose. Move in this direction because the facial muscles around the eyes are suspended from the temple toward the nose. Going in the opposite direction stretches the skin and muscles and risks damage.
  • the best time for a massage is before going to bed
  • to test the elasticity of the skin, pinch the skin gently in each of the main facial areas. Skin that is firm with good elasticity will immediately spring back into shape. Skin with poor elasticity will appear crepey and will not recover immediately from the pinch test.


  • normal skin requires deep cleansing, skin balancing and refinement
  • dry skin needs stimulation of cellular function
  • mature skin needs deeper stimulation and surface desquamation
  • younger skin requires cleansing, toning and refining action to free the blocked pores and improve function

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