Get Easily Longer Lasting Manicure

We have all been there. You just get out of the salon and have a killer manicure, and after only a couple of days, it already looks ragged and worn out. Fortunately there is a way to ensure that your manicure will last longer and look great at the same time.

Never Soak

I know, they do it at the salon and it feels great. This is true, but what you don’t know is that this is actually bad for your manicure. Fingernails are very porous and will absorb liquids. This will cause the nails to temporarily puff up and expand. After you apply polish, and allow the nails to dry, the water will evaporate out of your nails and they will constrict back to their normal shape. This change in shape after the application of polish will cause your new manicure to chip and crack. So, even though it feels nice, don’t soak!

Never Dry Push

Over grown, dry cuticles may be unattractive, but you should never push them back. By doing this you are causing damage to the base of your manicure. It is also impossible to push dry cuticles back evenly, which causes them to separate and split as well. This will give you problems later, when you want to change your polish. The best thing to do is wait until you are ready to change polish. Then rub in a soothing softening cream and gently push them back after they have been properly moisturized.

Always Make it Clean

Oil, dirt and water are the manicure’s worst enemy. They will surface under the polish and cause bumps, ridges and cracks to form. You must always make sure your nails are clean and dry before you apply polish. Make sure you wash thoroughly with soap and water and apply polish remover to dehydrate the nail before polish application.

Always Shape

The key to a long lasting manicure is well shaped nails. The best shape for strength and durability is rounding tips and slightly squared off sides. Also, file instead of clip. Filing, in one direction only, is healthier for nails than clipping.

Base then Lacquer

A base coat will smooth out roughness and give the polish something to stick to. Next apply a coat of polish. The best are the non-quick drying. Quick drying polish evaporates too fast and leaves polish soft. They dry smoother and stronger. Also, metallic polishes last longer than non-metallic.

Apply Right

One narrow swipe down the middle, then one to each side is the best technique. Apply thin, even coats and allow them to dry for at least two minutes before applying a second coat. This allows each coat to harden fully. If your coats are too thick they will not harden completely and allow dents and chips.


Apply a topcoat each day to prevent chipping and cracking. Also, don’t allow nails to dry out. Apply oil at bedtime and cream at least twice during the day. Remember, don’t soak, just hydrate.

If you want your manicure to last longer, your lacquer needs a good foundation meaning clean, oil-free nails and a base coat. Before you start painting, you should wipe the nails with polish remover to clean up the slippery surface. Then follow up with a clear base coat to give your colored polish a sticker surface.

For smoother application use a base coat, that contains silica. You should apply minimum two thin coats of tinted polish. Do not forget to finish with a clear top coat, you can also reapply it every day in order to have more protective and longer lasting manicure.

Steps To The Perfect Manicure

The manicure is the best way to show that we take a good care about ourselves. Here are some tips how to make at home, without spending vast amounts of money.

  1. Step 1 remove the old nail polish using nail polish removal
  2. Step 2 file the nails in one direction
  3. Step 3 place your hands in hot water
  4. Step 4 after 15 minutes dry your hands and nails thoroughly using a towel, pushing the cuticles back with the towel as you go
  5. Step 5 use a clean covered orange stick to apply cuticle remover to the cuticles of each nail and underneath the free edge. Push back gently using circular actions and clean under the free edge.
  6. Step 6 ease away any excess cuticle remover with a damp piece of cotton wool
  7. Step 7 push back treated cuticle with a rubber hoof stick
  8. Step 8 place a small amount of hand cream / or massage cream/ into the palm
  9. Step 9 stroke the cream onto the skin using smooth upward effleurage movements

*the cuticle remover acts as a nail shampoo and helps get rid of staining or stubborn dirt
*moisturizing softens and smooths the skin and is perfect finish to a manicure;

Make sure you have removed the hand cream before applying the nail polish, because if it remains on the nail, the nail polish will not go on smoothly and will not dry properly.

Our advices:
Once a week, when you do a full body exfoliation don’t forget to exfoliate and the hands. Cleanse them thoroughly with mild cleanser and exfoliate them gently. The exfoliator will remove the dead skin cells and will soften the rough skin.

Use hand creams – in the morning and at night. During the winter use oilier hand cream and in the summer hydrating one. Once a week apply a thick layer of hand cream and leave it to stay during the night.

Paraffin hand mask – it is the best procedure to keep your hands and nail healthy and good looking. Do a paraffin hand mask at least once a month. The hot paraffin nourishes and moisturizes the skin in deep, stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the nails and softens the cuticles.

Home-made fingernail oil
You will need: 7 tbs almond oil, Vitamin E, 5 drops lavender. Mix alt the ingredients well and place in a brown-colored glass bottle. Rub a very small amount into your nails and cuticles two times a day – your nails will get stronger and the cuticles will remain soft and easy to push back.

Hands peeling with almond – Mix the almond meal with one glass water. Apply the mixture to the hands, including the nails. Let it dry and exfoliate gently. Rinse your hands and apply oily hand cream or olive oil.

Mayonnaise for glowing skin – whip one yolk of egg with almond oil till it gets thick. Add 1 tbsp honey and a few drops fresh lemon juice. Apply the texture before going to bed.

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