The Perfect Eyeliner

Some women don’t like using eyeliner, but there are women for whom it is a must. Using it gives you the opportunity not only to change your eye’s shape, but you can also fill in the sparse looking lashes. Eyeliner is used for emphasizing the shape of the eye by framing the eyelid and accentuating the lash line.

Depending on its texture he can be softly smudged or clearly defined. Many brands offer a variety of hues, texture and types of eyeliners, which are suited for the different situations, weather conditions, shape and color of the eyes.

Pastels work on all eye colors, giving blues and greens a fairytale feeling and darker irises quirkiness. Remember to choose kohl that melts onto the skin. Smear the kohl along the upper lash line, as well as the lower lashes, blurring it further with a sponge applicator.

Green, blue and hazel eyes work best with plumy tones, while dark brown eyes love them shot with metallic like copper and bronze. While the purpose of white liner etched along the inner rims used to be to brighten the eyes and reduce redness it’s now more about adding highlights to make eyes look more dazzling.

How to apply:

To apply liner to your upper lash line, tip your head back and look down into a mirror. Rest the pencil tip onto the lash line and push between your lashes, moving from the inner corners of the eyes outwards. Avoid the old habit of drawing a harsh fine line and flicking it at the outer corners. The tip of your liner should be thin but blunt, so once you have sharpened it, press the end onto the back of your hand to give you the perfect shape to work with.

  • colors that blend with the mascara will look more natural
  • if you want to achieve “dramatic” effect eye, use dark color
  • one that is in the same tone, but darker than the eyeshadow will give you a softer look
  • if you want to make your eyes more rounded, apply a deeper line in the middle
  • if you want to make your eyes look larger, apply a sweep above and below the eyes
  • to soften the upper and lower line use a damp brush
  • lift the skin of the eyelids from beneath the eyebrow to ensure the line is drawn right up to the base of the lashes
  • always apply outwards, towards the outer corner of the eye
  • never apply if your eyes are tired or infected
  • harmonize with your mascara, so that it frames your eyes and makes your lashes look thicker
  • a very bright pastels or frosted color will draw attention rather than your eyes
  • applying blue eye liner will make the whites of your eyes look whiter

The secret of the “tricky” liquid eyeliner lies in the mastering of few techniques that we will graciously share with you just days before the hottest part of the summer.

Proper make-up foundation
You need to give a base coat of foundation and powder for the eye make-up to adhere to. Even if you don’t want to wear foundation, just apply it to your eyes and always use liquid eyeliner after eye shadow application.

The foundation is needed so that it can even the color of the skin around the eyes and create a smooth, oil-free surface for the make-up.

We strongly recommend that before applying, you slightly sweep the lightest shade across the entire area from lash line to brow. For your eyes, select eye shadows in compatible shades – you cannot go wrong with a pretty shade of white, pink, beige or peach, no matter what your skin tone is.

Choosing a brush
Forget about the thick brushes. It takes a professional to handle them properly and even they use them mostly in body art. You will achieve a far more precise and fine eye line, if you use a thin brush.

There is a wide variety of products and brands on the market so you are free to experiment with something new and compact such as liner brush.

Liner brush is an extremely thin and flat brush with thick and short hair span. Its resemblance to the drawing brushes, used by artists, turns make-up application into an easy and somewhat artistic experience.

However, this brush requires a more specific type of eye shadows –those that are long-lasting with a creamy structure and have the effect of the regular liquid liner. These shades come in a variety of nuances and can be found in almost every cosmetic store.

And finally…
Bring your eyes to a half-open state when you apply the liner as this is the only way to prevent the tremor of the eyelid muscle.

You do not need to try and apply the liquid liner all in one long line. It is highly recommended that you follow the Triple Technique, instead of spending half an hour in front of the mirror in timid attempts to sweep the brush across your eye lid.

The Triple Technique consists in painting a few small dashes onto the lash line, the inner, middle and outer corner then going back and connecting them.

If needed, go back and repeat the lines.

If you are trying to achieve the cat eye look – starting at the inner corner of your eye, slowly draw a thin line across your eyelid and extend that line past your lash line.

If you use brush liner to apply all of the above mentioned techniques, you will also achieve a sexy look, but with a far more natural effect.

Regardless of your choice of products, don’t be afraid to experiment in the privacy of your own home.

Useful Tips for Applying:

  • To make the line longer-lasting you should apply over your eyeshadows.
  • In case you make a mistake use a cotton pad and a mild makeup remover to correct it.
  • Always choose a color that suits your eyes and the color of your eyeshadows.
  • Never apply to the lower lash-line, use pencil eyeliner instead.
  • Always start the application in the center of your eyelash line on the upper eyelid.
  • When applying liquid eyeliner always follow the natural curve of your lash-line.
  • Keep your hand steady – this way it will be easier for you to apply flawlessly.
  • should be applied as close to the lash-line as possible.
  • Never create too thick line at first, build the line gradually.
  • When selecting liquid eyeliner, always make sure you choose one that dries fast in order to avoid smudges.
  • Before applying, always shake the tube for a few seconds.
  • Most of the makeup artists advice first to draw a few dashes with a pencil eyeliner and then to apply the liquid eyeliner.
  • If you want to achieve a more dramatic look, create a thicker line.
  • always apply the liquid eyeliner after the eyeshadows, but before the mascara to prevent smudges.
  • in black, brown and dark violet suits almost everyone.
  • Don’t forget to blend the line carefully, using a small eyeshadow brush.
  • for liquid eyeliner always use a point liner brush as it will allow you to draw an even line.
  • Never keep it in the bathroom as water may trap in it.
  • always let it dry before you open your eye.
  • Never apply if your eyes are tired or infected.
  • Harmonize the eyeliner with your mascara, so that it frames your eyes and makes your lashes look thicker.

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