Beauty Tips Done At Home

The Benefits of Homemade
Homemade beauty tips have been used by women all over the world for hundreds of years, but American women have been slow to catch on. With a new trend toward “going green” in the United States, these tips have finally started taking hold; woman are finally looking for organic alternatives, or even making their own.

One of the issues that women face when just trying to go green by buying organic products is that most organic products still use preservatives that are not natural. Truly organic products are very expensive, and hard to find.

These expensive prices are why the alternative to buying truly organic beauty products has been getting so much more popular. Skin-care recipes allow women to affordable make comparable products in their own homes with ingredients that are “green” and natural. Many women are amazed at how well these homemade recipes work, and how good it feels to use something natural on their skin. One of the things that is difficult about these recipes is that one never knows how their particular skin is going to react to a certain fruit, vegetable, etc.

The most common ingredients for these recipes are fruits and vegetables. As mentioned earlier, women from all over the world have used various fruits, vegetables, natural oils, herbal oils and nuts for therapeutic and healing reasons for their skin-care routines.

Homemade Lotions – Easy Recipes
Cleopatra’s Cleansing Lotion
You will need: 1 cup milk, 1 cup oat flakes, 2 tbsp. farina, 2 tbsp. butter.
Put the butter in a bowl and place it in a microwave to soften. Then mix all the remaining ingredients well until they combine together. The mixture should be creamy in texture. Use a cotton pad and apply over the entire face and neck. Pour the rest of the mixture into a bottle and place it into the fridge. Apply it twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

Cleansing Lemon Lotion
You will need: 1 lemon, green tea, 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar.
Squeeze the lemon juice in a glass and add the green tea and 1 cup water. Put the ingredients into a bowl and heat on stove or microwave for approximately 5 minutes. Then add the apple cider vinegar and mix all ingredients together. Continue mixing until all the ingredients combine together. Pour the mixture into a bottle and apply it with a cotton pad twice a day.

Lotion For Dull Complexion
You will need: 1 tbsp. salt, 1 lemon, lime-tea, 3 tbsp. rosewater.
Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add the other ingredients – the salt, the lime-tea and the rosewater. Heat the ingredients on stove or microwave for a few minutes. Allow to cool completely before applying to the face. Pour the rest of the mixture into a bottle and keep it away from direct sunlight.

Lotion For Oily And Problem Skin
You will need: 1 cucumber, 5 tbsp. alcohol (vodka, whiskey or rum), 1 tbsp. salt
Grate one cucumber, add the salt and the alcohol. Mix the ingredients well until the mixture gets creamy. Put the mixture into the fridge for 30 minutes and then apply to the entire face or only to the T-zone – forehead, nose and chin. Apply the lotion twice or once a day – it will absorb the excess oil from the skin, soften and brighten the skin.

Lotion For Oily And Combination Skin
You will need: 1 cup rosewater, 2 aspirins, lemon
Mix the rosewater with the lemon juice and then add the two aspirins. Mix the ingredients together and pour into a bottle. Apply the lotion once a day in the morning.

Nourishing Lotion Of Honey and Common Balm
You will need: common balm (Melissa Officinalis), 1 cup water, 1 tbsp. honey, 2 tbsp. rosewater, 1 tbsp. spirits.
Pour the common balm with one cup boiling water. Let it sit for 1/ 2 hours. Strain the mixture and add the honey, the rosewater and the spirits. Mix all the ingredients well and pour into a bottle. This lotion is especially effective for mature skin as it nourishes the skin and keeps the skin well moisturized.

Cleansing Lotion of Camphor Spirits
You will need: 2 tbsp. camphor spirits, 2 tbsp. salicylic acid, 3 tbsp. rosewater.
Mix all ingredients well and pour the mixture into a bottle. This lotion is recommended for all skin types and works especially well for those with normal and combination skin.

Lotion of Marigold Flower
You will need: 30gr. Marigold Flower, 7 tbsp. olive oil.
Pour the marigold flower with the olive oil. Let it stay in dark place for 7/ 10 days. Strain the mixture and pour it into a bottle. This lotion is recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

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