Makeup Tips&Tricks For Halloween

With all of the work that goes into costume making, it is easy to go overboard when adding the finishing touches. What few women realize is the amount of makeup applied really is dependent upon the costume worn and what role the face plays in the outfit.

Costumes for women tend to focus on a variety of things. While pop culture related costumes have very specific makeup and accessories, there is no reason that they cannot be made to be unique. Each costume makes a statement and the face is what makes or breaks that statement.

A general rule for applying makeup is determining where the eye should be drawn first. Usually costumes are designed to draw the attention immediately to the clothing. If the intended focus is to be away from the clothing and towards the face, arms, or legs, the makeup must outdo the clothing in terms of flashiness and colorfulness.

Witch costumes are a perfect example. While a typical witch costume is comprised of a long black dress and a pointed hat, the outfit is designed to be focused on the face. Without facial makeup, the costume looks plain. Making the face and hands look older, greener, or prettier defines the costume and makes it unique.

Witches may want to try covering their face with green or white powder, rather than using an all-over color to give a more natural look to the skin tone. White powder will make the face appear either older or glowing depending on the rest of the makeup applied with it. More glamorous witches should mix a slight amount of glitter into their powder to create a slight sparkle, drawing the eye to the person, rather than the simple black clothing.

Witches with fancier dresses will want to create more of a princess style to their faces, and glitter or powder may be a little over the top. Instead, doing the face as one normally would and then focus on bringing attention to the eyes. While the dress will be noticed first, the second thing that should command attention needs to draw the eyes up rather than back down. Adding small amounts of glitter or rhinestones to the eye area, along with extended eyelashes will accomplish this rather easily.

Hair style also is an important factor in defining a costume. Wigs can help to make a person less recognizable, adding to the overall effect the costume has on people. Shorter hair, however, can also be teased or styled to meet the needs of the costume. Short or pulled back hair tends to bring eye attention up, focusing on the face.

Medium length hair worn down tends to be neutral towards the costume. Hair that is worn excessively longer than normal will keep the focus on the hair. For women with long hair who do not want to wear a hat or wig, try teasing the hair upward or using gel to add height when wanting attention drawn to the face.

Deciding the proper makeup for the desired look is important when deciding a costume concept. Women will find that by finding the focus of the costume and concentrating on making that particular area stand out, their costumes will be nothing short of stunning.

Here are some makeup ideas:

And please, have a little more imagination than these ladies:

Have fun!

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