Procedures For Getting Rid Of Cellulite

The fight with cellulite is ruthlessly cruel, but a few simple rules will help you beat it. The warm weather outside and hint for the upcoming summer may frighten you only if you are concerned by your orange skin.

It may be really a great scourge, and fighting it is not always successful.

Even if you spend a fortune on cosmetics fighting, the effect of it may not be so visible. However, there are several rules that have been tested by thousands of women worldwide and in most cases work – they sleek orange skin and refresh it.

We of course are out of the rush to share them, so be ready. Here they are:

  1. Water element

    Water is the most useful liquid, but retention in the cells exacerbated the problem of vision to intrusive. Removal of the excess fluid from the fat cells will quickly fill irregularities in your skin and it will become unrecognizable smooth. You should limit the intake of salt. Drink more water and eat regular natural diuretics such as cranberry, celery, fennel and more exotic asparagus.

  2. Burn the fats

    Thin women also have it, but if you have extra fat it may strongly worsen the situation.
    Diet with 1400 calories a day /which we will soon offer you details/ and more intensive movements could help in the “combustion” of subcutaneous fat.

  3. Feed your skin

    If you have excess weight, however, it does not mean you should stop taking all the fat in food, as some of them, omega 3 and omega 6 are essential for your metabolism. In addition, they play an important role in feeding and hydratating your skin, as they improve water retention in the cells of the epidermis and not in fat cells.

    Therefore, any fish, nuts, seeds and oils are required for your menu.

  4. Lower the level of estrogens

    Female hormones play an important role in the formation because they help retain water and the accelerated production of fat cells. Therefore, the level of oestrogens in the body should not be high and should be monitored continuously. It is believed that linseed well help in this respect as well as broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

  5. Say No to smoking

    Smoking is not only terribly toxic to all organisms, but also reflects detrimental to the health of the skin. Since the abuse of cigarettes leads to a deficiency of vitamin C in it, it also decreased secretion of collagen. This in turn makes cellulite more visible and annoying, and the skin is aging more quickly.

A few more tips

Weight loss
Putting weight loss will increase your chances so diet or exercise is the best and the easiest way to beat it! Less fat will squish through tissue and bumps improve. Building muscles helps make skin tauter and smoother.

massage can reduce the fluid that exacerbates lumps. The deep tissue massage can help temporarily. It will help you to relax and de-stress.

shoes that simulate walking on an uneven surface and improve your core stability, posture and tone, giving muscles you don’t normally use a workout and challenging you to walk more upright. They cause weight loss, melt fat deposit, boost blood circulation and improve posture. One of the best are those by MTB (Masai Barefoot Technology) – originally they were designed to help people with a back and knee problems but lately those that have been using them discover that the shoes also help them to lose weight.


they use the scientific method of thermo-therapeutic micro-massage. The fine metallic threads within neoprene shorts act as s conductor to stimulate circulation and fluid loss. The shorts help break down its cells and revitalize tissue. The heat enhances the effectiveness of exercise, increases blood circulation and accelerate metabolism to burn more calories. To achieve any results you should wear them at least seven hours a day, six days a week.

Body lotions
lotion is beneficial to control and reduce the cellulite.
Most topical applications don’t actually attack it but create a smoother texture by plumping up the skin. This effect is temporary and requires constant application of creams and lotions.

A good, healthy eating plan is the best way to get rid

Try to eat:

  • soya, spinach, oranges, tomatoes because they all have skin- straightening lecithin
  • salmon, walnuts, almonds, olive oil which help repeat skin tissue
  • vegetables and fruits – their antioxidants are said to prevent tissue damage

Try to eat less:

  • butter, margarine
  • red meat and pork
  • cheeses
  • sugary snacks


  • the orange peel effect happens because the dermis is weakened, allowing those swollen fat cells to push towards the skin’s surface where they disrupt the tissue causing dimpling.
  • taking in less calories and expending more energy than you gain from food will lead to weight loss from all over your body
  • the best treatment is to increase blood flaw to the area with massage and to straighten the skin’s connective tissue with a healthy, low sugar diet and good skin care
  • a typical detox diet, that cuts out caffeine, alcohol, frizzy drinks, cigarettes and foods containing chemical additives and preservatives can lessen cellulite by encouraging the lymph system to eliminate toxins

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