Home Exercises For Burning Fat

Get yourself toned quickly, help shed pounds swiftly, and boost your metabolism—all in about 20 to 60 minutes per day. The best part of doing exercises is that you can do them indoors or outside. Alternating between strength and aerobic exercises will bring speedy results. Now, don’t be fooled, it is hard work and it takes determination. Still, these tips work quickly and the results will help keep you motivated to stay on track.

Keep in mind that the amount of fat burned depends on various factors such as age, weight and how long you engage in the activity. However, the secret to achieving the best possible result is to increase your level of intensity while performing these exercises. The activity should increase your heart rate and last between 20 to 60 minutes.

  1. Walking is perhaps one of the simplest and convenient exercises available. You can walk outside or walk on a treadmill. Switching your pace between comfortable and vigorous bring amazing results. For example, a person weighing 150lbs will burn 80 calories walking 1-mile at 3-mph for 20 minutes; whereas the same 150lb person walking the same distance at 5-mph for 12 minutes will burn 109 calories. Still, when you alternate between slow walks and speedy walks, you challenge your body to burn additional fat. Ultimately, you should walk faster at longer distances over time.
  2. Jogging and running are sometimes used interchangeably when discussing. However, they are completely different in terms of pace. Jogging can be compared to a trot (slower than 9-mph). Running is the pace athletes use to play sports. Think of it this way, you will never hear an announcer say an athlete jogged down the court, across the field or on the track. Both activities burn more fat than walking. Also, they reduce fat in less time. Begin slowly and increase intensity from time to time.
  3. Biking and cycling are wonderful! Using a push-bike or a stationary cycle shifts your metabolism into high gear. In fact, if you manage to ride a bike each day at 15 miles per hour for one hour, you can burn one pound of fat per week. As always, start slowly. Try to cycle 10 to 20 minutes every other day and increase the time by 5 to 10 minutes, until you can pedal for an hour without stopping.
  4. Jumping rev up the heart rate and burn fat. Jumping constantly and using continuous arm movements will work all major muscle groups in the body. You can jump with a rope or without one. Try different exercises to make the activity more challenging such as jumping with a rope in reverse, twisting obliques from side to side, and widening your stance. Add variety by reversing your hands or jumping into a split stance (landing with one foot in the front and the other foot in the back). Increasing speed, duration and intensity will burn body fat more efficiently.
  5. Swimming or water aerobics are unique. They provide minimal resistance, low-impact and engage many muscles at once. In addition, these exercises are easy on the joints. Add variety to your workout by mixing up strokes, interval training and using water-weights. Engaging in swimming and water aerobics at least three times a week will boost metabolism, burn calories and fat. Doing these type of cardiovascular fat burning exercises frequently help improve overall fitness.

Still not persuaded? Consider this: People who perform sport activities at increased levels of intensity at least three times a week burn three times more fat than those who engage in lower intensity workouts. And those who combine diet and exercise lose up to nine times more weight than either approach alone.

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