Cleanse Face Properly

Everyday facial cleansing is essential for your appearance. You should take good care of your skin, in order to have gorgeous and pure skin. The face skin is likely to be damaged much more than the skin on your body.

A through cleansing of your skin is essential to maintain a beautiful complexion and amazing look. You should cleanse your face every morning to remove all impurities and oil. Cleansing should be the first step in your routine in order  to eliminate all the  impurities  and the left makeup. Try to avoid soap-based products, because they leave the skin more vulnerable and can promote wrinkle formation. , because as we all know – the beautiful skin comes from clean skin.

Nowadays there are many products for keeping the skin clear – there are cleansing oil, cleansing wipes, cleansing milk, cleansing gels and so on.

You shouldn’t use soaps on your face – they can be very harsh on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin, using soap can dehydrate your skin as well. For refreshing affect use chilled water; the water-based cleansers are suitable for normal to oily skin, you can use them on your entire face and neck.

Cleansing wipes are ideal when you are traveling – they remove light makeup and the best thing about them is that they are suitable for all types of skin. If you like heavier makeup we recommend you to use cleansing milk – use on your entire face and neck.

You should not forget the deep cleansing – do it at least once a week. An exfoliating scrub removes the dead cells, returns skin’s luminosity and firm up the pores. You can apply a drop of exfoliating scrub across the entire face avoiding the mouth and the contour of the eyes, then massage gently for about three minutes and at the end rinse with lukewarm water.

After exfoliating, apply a thick layer of facial mask – this way you will receive best result. Leave the mask for several minutes and then rinse with water. Do not hesitate to take a bath with a mask on except it’s a mask that hardens – the heat will accelerate the penetration of the active ingredients.

Do not forget to use only quality cleansing products – as a matter of fact it’s about your face and your self-esteem.

For more information see also the article facial mask.

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    • Make Up Gal, Nicole wrote:
      Try to use organic gout's milk as a tonic for your face.

    • Katie smith wrote:
      this is the first time I am using a cleanser.I used my cleanser and then my toner onto my i feel like my face is dry.All i need to know is if i am doing it the right way and should I also use a regular facial cream after doing this. someone please reply would be a great help..thanks.

    • Silvia Yaneva wrote:
      Hi Katie, feeling your face dry after cleansing it isn't normal. Maybe the problem is that you are not using appropriate skin care products for your skin type. Applying a facial cream ot moisturizer is a muct especially in the morning. regards,

    • Elle Crossthwaite wrote:
      I had the same problem. I found that if i didn't use a toner it helped a whole bunch. Also i found that toner didn't help my skin at all, and if anything gave me more spots.

    • Vikusha wrote:
      It depends what kind of tonic you use. I suggest you to choose the right tonic for your skin. Shiseido - has a good tonic, it doesn't drys your skin. It also slowly removes dark spots (acne, pimples, scars). It's not sensetive to your skin, but it slowly and gently helps your skin. I think its expensive but worth trying it out.

    • saadya wrote:
      i am using pixy UV milk cleanser and have dry skin is it good for me

    • Advice For You wrote:
      You MUST moisturize your face after cleansing even if you have oily skin . During the day you really should wear Sunblock and don't massage your face too long or it can irritate your skin and make it worse also when drying your face pat it dry don't rub your face with your bath towel and use a clean towel eveytime you wash your face if you can because bath towels can be pretty dirty (lots of bacteria which may cause more acne.)

    • Nimmy wrote:
      Hi please help i know my skin is bit dry and i am 33 years old, so i actually dont know after washing face which cream to apply like the cleanser, toner, moisturiser, please let me know how to follow, thank you

    • ashwini wrote:
      plz tell me how to use cleanser n toner in step wise

    • ashwini wrote:
      my skin is oily plz tell me what type of cleanser n toner should be used

    • mimi wrote:
      how to i clean my face with easy way?

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