Concealers: A-Z Guide

According to some of the most famous makeup artists the concealer is the most important makeup product and it is one thing you should never skip, because we all want to have flawless complexion. The concealer is one of the smooth-skin essentials. Its purpose is to cover the dark circles under the eyes or redness caused by broken capillaries.

The concealers come in both water-and oil-based types.There are several types of concealer:

  1. Stick concealer
    The stick concealer usually comes as a lipstick-type tube. The stick concealers provide direct on-the-spot application. It is appropriate for mild pigmentations and discolorations. Apply it directly on larger spots or areas, and blend it carefully. It isn’t appropriate for hiding dark circles under the eyes.
  2. Tube concealerIt is softer than the creams but is usually very oily. The texture is thinner and creamier than stick concealers and works up like foundation. The Tube concealers must be applied with a domed brush.

    *the tube concealers tend to be greasier and to collect in fine lines, so use it sparingly and blend it in slightly by tapping with your ring finger or with a sponge.

  3. Cream concealer

    The cream concealers blend better and stay longer. The concealer is easily applied with a sponge or fingers. It is best for minimizing under eye circles, hiding blemishes and camouflaging skin imperfections. It won’t crease, slip around or bleed.


It’s essential to moisturize the area where you want to apply the concealer otherwise it can settle into fine lines. Apply the concealer to problem areas, but never apply to the whole face. Start with a slightly darker tone and blend into with a sponge to match the lighter foundation in order to avoid creating light spots. Never rub the concealer – dab or pat it. Use your ring finger to apply under-eye concealer or cover stick beneath the eye or above the eyelid moving left to right. Apply light cover stick or powder on each side of your nose, shading the nostril area.

To cover up the dark circles under the eyes lightly dab some concealer along the bottom of the bags. Apply three dots of concealer from the inner corner of the eye to just under the center of your eye. Use only a little at first and build it up slowly, you don’t have to cake it on. Then blend the concealer into the skin with your fingers use a light rolling movements. It’s easier to use your ring finger. Try to keep the line under the bag the brightest so the shadow is neutralized and blend fully up to the lash line.Be careful with the application because if you apply too much the face may look overly made-up and fake.

Useful Tips:

  • First apply the foundation and then apply the concealer otherwise you may smudge it away when you blend your base
  • make sure you dab or patch the concealer on – never wipe or rub it
  • make sure the concealer matches your skin tone
  • don’t use foundation or concealer to shade or highlight the face into a special shape unless a special look is required,instead use blusher to shape the face
  • the right shade of concealer is a shade lighter than your skin
  • to hide acne pits, apply the concealer into the pits, using a fine brush
  • don’t apply more than two coats of concealer
  • for hiding birthmarks, sun spots you will probably need a combination of concealer and foundation
  • while the concealer is still damp, immediately apply powder in order to set, seal and dry the concealer
  • a concealer with white shade brightens dull skin and makes the skin look healthy
  • a concealer with blue shade whitens a reddish complexion
  • a concealer with rose or peachy shade gives the skin a glow
  • a concealer with green shade helps cover up redness caused by pimples or broken veins
  • drier concealers are better for covering up the face and the creamier concealers are better for more delicate areas such as the nose, the mouth and under-eye area
  • a bad one is – white, pink, chalky, dry or greasy because they can highlight the flaws
  • a good one is – smooth, creamy, yellow-based, it blends easily into the skin and makes you look instantly better and brighter

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