Articles in Hair Category

Hair is very delicate part of your overall look and style. You can damage your vision easily, without knowing, making damage for 12 or more months. It’s something that cannot be treated or healed for a week or two. Daily hair care routine is crucial for your healthy hair.

You can read our articles about coloring your hair, taking care of your dry or oily hair. Shampoos, conditioners and other products are also very important and you must pay close attention when choosing them. Using one for a different type can damage your hair, and even cause dandruff. There are 4 posts about dealing with unwanted hair and ways to treat it.

You can color your hair with henna or with other chemicals, there are articles bellow about this.

Our home made face mask recipes are very good – try them, they are cheap, fast and easy to create and apply.

Take care of your hair, don’t wash it with shampoo every day, and you will look good without investing hundreds of dollars for hairstylists and expensive products.