Tips From Around The Globe

Greece: The Greek women do a body peeling at the beach. Smear oil all over your body and massage it lightly with sand. The result will exceed your expectation.

Japan: the Japanese prepare their food with seaweed, rice and soya germs. The women believe that these foods keep their skin healthy and good looking.

England: preserve the tea-bag after use. Put it in the fridge and when you feel that your eyes are irritated, apply the tea-bags to your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Spain: The Spaniard women use olive oil to prepare different face and body masks. For example: before a manicure dip your fingers in a bowl of headed olive oil fresh lemon juice. Your cuticles will soften and it will be easier for you to shape the nails.

Portugal: if you want your hair to achieve saturated brown tone you should use vinegar. The recipe is simple: add three table spoons vinegar to 200g. water and rinse your hair.

Holland: The Dutchwomen recommend the long strolls. The fresh air has a pleasant influence on your skin and health.

Latin America: to nourish their hair, the women use avocado to prepare different body, hair and face masks. Cut the avocado in half, remove the soft part and rub it in your hair. After one hour rinse the hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner.

Argentina: the Argentinean women sometimes replace the moisturizers with cream. Beat up the cream till it gets thick and apply it as a mask. After 15 minutes remove it from the face. The cream is believed to cleanse the skin in deep and to brighten dull complexion.

Italy: they use olive oil to nourish the eyelashes. A basil leaf applied to the teeth during the night is believed to whiten the teeth.

Poland: To soften your lips and to improve the elasticity use honey and apply it to the lips everyday.

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