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Asian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty is due not only to the genetics but also to the way they take care of their skin and the procedures they do to maintain their beauty.

The traditional anti-aging products (creams, moisturizers, serums, masks) that are widely spread in USA and Europe are focused mainly on decreasing the signs of aging – wrinkles, fine lines, age spots. In other words these anti-aging products affect only the surface of the skin. Unlike the western medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine pay special attention to the whole body, as well as to the factors that lead to premature aging. The Chinese medicine pay attention to the internal organs, the presence of toxins in the body, the body energy.

We offer you a few simple and easy steps that include homemade masks, exotic foods and products that can transform your skin to a new, better level.

Panex Ginseng
Panex Ginseng, known also as Ginseng is one universal “remedy” widely used in the Asian countries. Ginseng contains many powerful molecules that drop away tiredness and stress in the body. It is rich in antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals which can seriously affect the skin. Ginseng also contains large amounts of natural steroids which are essential for the production of new skin cells.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine Panex Ginseng nourish the heart, the lungs, the spleen, the kidneys and the liver. Ginseng improvers the metabolism and the blood circulation – the two factors that are essential for healthy skin cells and for a younger looking skin.

How to use Panex Ginseng
Buy 50g. Panex Ginseng (you can find it at the drugstore) and infuse it with 120ml. mineral water. Put the water and the ginseng in a pan and steam it for approximately 30 minutes. Drink the liquid before breakfast and consume the rest of it in the next day. Do this every other day for about two/ three week to achieve best results.

Pearl Beauty
Asian women use pearl powder for centuries to keep their skin healthy-looking and to keep it nourished. The pearl powder contains amino acids and other elements that rejuvenate the skin.

The pearl powder soothes inflamed tissues, promotes healing and works especially well for those with sensitive skin as it calms inflammation, redness and skin irritations. The Asian women take pearl powder internally or apply it topically to smooth their skin and to maintain a younger appearance. Look for the Chinese Pearl Powder celled Zhen Zhu Mo.

How to use Pearl Powder:

  1. Mix 1 tbsp. pearl powder with a yolk of egg and 4 tbsp. acacia honey.
  2. Add 2/3 tbsp. water if necessarily to mix the ingredients well.
  3. Apply the mixture to your face for approximately 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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    • sweety wrote:
      i reallly reallllly loved your site! it was the one i was looking for..thank-you very much for making such a wonderful site!

    • Alexus wrote:
      The comment you made in the first paragraph was strictly unfair I am sure that this website is a site where all girls should come to renovate themselves and feel pretty a majority of 40% asian people come to this website. Now dont go and make a hostile takeover that I want asian women to feel bad about themselves It would just be nice if you used the coment " Asian woman are very pretty" P.S.( Asian women are very beautiful!)

    • yoon wrote:
      first sentence sounded racist... I lived in korean my whole life, and america for about 5 years now. its not genetics for beauty (or skinny as alot of americans say this), its much, much more has to do with diet and lifestyle (eating healthy food, no dairy, little meats, lots of fruit and veg, walking alot, and more pressure to be beautiful). of cource, not all asian lady is beautiful like you say, many are ugly, and some are fat, just like every peoples, but americans only see beautiful asians becuase its what we want the world to veiw us as. google tokyo street or japanese school children (in high school, koreans and japanese girls are fat usualy, then we lost our weight in university) and you will see. if u live in south korea for many years, you will see this. so western ladys, take care of yourself and eat better, exercise, and little stress, it will make for alot better you than worring about asians.

    • Liv wrote:
      Ignore the two comments above. I am Asian, and I don't think this article sounds racist at all. Asian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world, just like other beautiful women with different races.

    • Kylie wrote:
      I am Eurasian. In other words pan-Asian. I lived in England for the first 7 years of my life then oregon for 2 years then germany for a few years and now im living in Malaysia. In all the countries i lived in i would say women that are naturally healthy and happy with themselves are beautiful.

    • Lily wrote:
      I do not believe in such a thing as "one of the most beautiful people in the world" it also has nothing to do with a persons race. Its all relative to the individual, personally ive seen beautiful people of every race, and I can say that SOME asian women have beautiful skin as well as women of other cultures and races. Im not making an arguement because I understand that this spesific article is made to help people learn about keeping your skin healthy and beautiful using eastern techniques, I have yet to try them but it does sound justifiable

    • STEPHANIE wrote:

    • mediterannean wrote:
      well, i am sendin this from Turkey,the population who lived in Asia first, then immigrated to Anatolia, where Europe meets Asia, this is so fantastic.? am not an asian, even not an European, we are totally me, here is a genetical pool, as we can say it, also there are people with dark skin, and they are Turk by their granna granna granna... fathers.Let me tell my opinion as living in such a place, i adore Asian beauty, their culture, as a semi Asian, but also i adore European features.The point is, how u treat your genes, what u r blessed with.there is no comparison between silky smooth straight dark Asian hair with the blond one.they are different.Beauty standards always change, see the celebs, one year, they are blond, next year, they have brown hair, at summer, they tan, in winter, they just mention on how beautiful the white skin is.Here?don't ask:DDDDDeverybody totally looks different than the other here,i look like a real mediterannean more than any race, while one of my cousin is totally look like an Asian with all features including lips and yes, eyes!Who is beautiful then?it depends on you.If u rock what u r blessed with, dats it :) loves from Turkey all!

    • Dee wrote:
      Good grief!!! Heaven forbid someone express an opinion. Lighten up! Just like anything else, if you don't like it, don't read it, watch it, smell it, taste it, hear it. It's called DIVERSITY!!! Everyone is different. It'd be boring as all get out if we weren't. But let's not argue about our differences. I come here to learn beauty secrets of Asians because I admire their culture. I want to learn how to obtain beautiful hair and skin (yes, I know some of it is genetics). That's it. Not to read a bunch of whiners because they have nothing better to do. Get real.

    • KS wrote:
      I think we should take the advice from the article "if interested" else leave it alone. Why to discourage the writer.

    • humby wrote:
      asians are cool and the cultures, i admire them a lot!

    • sarah wrote:
      Well, I came here to see reviews on these homemade masks, but all i see are a bunch of angry girls calling everyone else racist. I don't care where you are from, I just wanted to see some reviews. So thanks for nothing. Jesus Christ, get over yourselves.

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