In The Summer...

When it comes to holiday makeup, there can be a tendency to reach for cosmetics that either give a deep tan to pallid complexions and add a slick of neon to catch the eye.

Deep eyes
In winter the cheerfulness of blue could look too bright, but during the summer months the skin has a lovely glow, so blue will feel fresh and pretty. The key is a light wash of color around the eyes. The blue eyelids add luxury to summer look. To make eyelids blue, choose a translucent wash of color with soft metallic pigment. Avoid the old fashion look by choosing a sheer cream or powder texture that won’t look too frosty on the eyelids.

Coral queen
Orange evokes a sense of newness, making it the perfect splash of color for the summer. The orange shades look as sublime on pale skin as it does on sun-kissed, because the tone can run from light peach to deep coral. Make sure you have groomed lashes and eyebrows to keep the look fresh and summery.
If you have a light skin tone, keep the texture sheer and velvety. Deeper tan skins can choose shades with a hint of gold to brighten them up.

Rosy lips
The rose red lipstick is fantastic this summer. The color stands out, so it can become the focus of the face. Try to keep the rest of the makeup minimal and try eschewing eyeshadow in favour of simple definition. Purple or brown mascara will make eyes appear distinct without overloading your face.
Make sure the shade of rosy-toned makeup matches your skin tone.

Purple haze
Choosing a metallic shade adds texture to the eye that doesn’t cheapen your look like a frosty would. It adds more dimension than a matte. Apply a dusting of bronzer and high cheekbones and temples. Stick to a palette of similar tones to make the most of this feminine color. Green eyes will look best with red and purple undertones. Blue eyes better suit a lilac shade.

Amazing complexion
Shades of sand subtly enhance features without looking like you have made an effort, while a sweep of fleshy tones across cheeks, as well as over lips and eyes is the ideal way to perk up a tired and dull complexion. Applying bronzer will give you an instant lift and glow, while chocolate or bronze shades on eyes and lips add a sultry depth.

  • Dark, muted colors / charcoal, brown, olive, plum/ are used for defining eye contour and producing a sophisticated look.
  • Pastel colors / blue, aqua, green, cream/ are used for producing soft effects and emphasize the eye’ color. They are appropriate for people with blond hair.
  • Pale colors /white, pearl, cream/ have highlighting effects when contrasted with darker eyeshadows.
  • Soft, muted colors / grey, beige, sage/ produce more subtle effects
  • Bright colors / yellow, green, violet, red/ are appropriate for younger people. They are suitable to be worn as eyeliners where they compliment the eyeshadows scheme

Fast And Easy Ways To Look Your Best This Summer

For a quick and long-lasting finish you can blend oil-free foundation over the cheek apples and around the nose and chin. Apply translucent powder all over your face to keep skin matte and avoid shine. You can mix moisturizer with foundation with light-reflecting pigments for sheer coverage and apply on the cheeks and legs for a healthy look.

Instant Face-Lift
Some masks will help you tighten and prepare skin for smoother makeup. You can sheen the cheekbones close to eyes and at the inner eye corners for a glow that lifts and livens the entire face. Use two different base shades to firm and define a natural tint, apply the darker tone under the cheekbones.

Smooth and silky skin
Apply a shimmer body lotion with light-reflecting pigments that moisturizes, it brightens and evens skin tone.

Dreamy eyes
For a smooth and shouldering twist, sweep dark shadow over the eyelids, eye corners and under lower lashes, then smudge a lighter shade of color to the center of the lids.

“Open” eyes
If you want to wake up tired-looking eyes you can blend highlighter under the brow-line. This will define your arch, brightens the brow-line an also emphasizes the whole eye area.

Volume hair
Blast roots with warm air, bend small sections of hair into barrel curls, secure grips and leave for as long as possible. Spray some hairspray to maintain the hair in the desired position.

Volume lips
Concentrate the color on the center of the lips to give the impression that you are very slightly flushed. Apply a high-shine lip-gloss with light-reflection shimmer.

Silky feet
Load a brush with a dab of creamy exfoliator, then work gently around the toes. Rinse and buff dry with a towel, working circles smooth. Choose a polish in bright color that looks great with a single coat that dries fast and won’t show mistakes. Apply a rich body lotion paying particular attention to knees and feet.

Summer tan
After full body exfoliating massage a tanning lotion in and leave it to dry for about 15 minutes. For achieving best results apply the tanning lotion every three days.

Gold eyelids
Gold eyelids add luxury to summer looks. To make gold eye shadows modern, choose a translucent wash of color with soft metallic pigments.

Extra Long Eyelashes
Whether using fake eyelashes or lash lengthening mascara, dark, long, luxurious lashes are a big trend this summer. Lashes should be whimsical and not overly dramatic, focusing on a lighter look than the dark, heavy eye that was popular this winter. Fake eyelashes last about a month but require maintenance. You can always opt for temporary, individual lashes that go only where you feel you need them. If fake eyelashes aren’t for you, try a few coats of a good lash lengthening mascara, focusing on the outer corner of the eye, to give your lashes an extra boost. For eyeshadow, consider lighter colors such as coral, pale pink, gold, or nude with a light shimmer. Top it off with a chocolate brown or violet liner to create a more subtle smokey eye to really make your look pop.

Pink Lips
From coral pink to rose to a soft pink, pink lips have made a comeback. They have been seen all over the catwalk this season by models from Marc Jacobs to Prada. Though lip liners are not used much today, a great nude lip liner helps to prevent bleeding from your newest shade of pink lip color, helps to fill in lines, and gives a natural looking extension of the lips.

Summer Hair Care

At the beginning of the summer we are so concerned with packing the correct SPF for our holidays, but sometimes we completely forget to protect our hair, but the hair, as well as the skin is susceptible to sun damage. To keep your hair shining and healthy just follow some simple rules. The sun UV rays and the beach winds can cause split ends to travel up the hair shaft, causing a fracture in the hair.

Don’t dye your hair before your summer vacation because the chlorine and the sea salt may change your color. Hair dying can make your hair vulnerable to the sun. But if you really have to dye it – do it at least ten days before your summer vacation.

We recommend you to take supplements such as vitamin D 12, vitamin A and brewer’s yeast to improve the condition of your hair. Try to eat protein-rich food such as chicken and nuts to feed your hair’s natural proteins.
The sun not only dries out your hair and fades the color but it can also damage your scalp too.

Replace your usual hair products with products containing UV filters. Even spraying some body sunscreen onto your hair will work well and protect your hair from the UV rays. The shampoo must cleanse your hair from the oils and the impurities, and at the same time it must be appropriate for a daily use.

You can slick your hair back into a bun or ponytail, slather on some deep conditioner and enjoy a short spurt of sun time.

As we all know the summer months are the worst time of the year to add chemically drying color to hair that is already parched so try not to color your hair during that period. Always use a hair protector with SPF. There are many hair products that help your hair looks amazing and healthy again.

Minimize your hair’s exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the rays are the most potent. If you must be out during those times wear a cover-up to shield your strands from sun exposure.

Start the summer season with a salon trip to eliminate split ends and handle hair repairs. If your hair normally dries out during summer months, consider having a preventive professional deep conditioning treatment to ward off potential frizzes.

  • head damaged hair needs moisture so it’s essential to use a good conditioner; it will coat the hair shaft with a thin film that smooths down the roughened cells and fills in the uneven surface
  • before swimming, rinse your hair in salt and chlorine-free water
  • use hair products with SPF protection
  • wash your hair less often during the summer months
  • wash the hair using a mild shampoo
  • cover the hair in order to keep your highlighted or colored hair looking its best; use hair sunscreens, hats or head scarves
  • if you don’t have a sun-protecting hair product you can apply a skin sunscreen
  • minimize the exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the rays are the most potent
  • redheads need extra protection as the color pigments are unstable and can fade to orange or yellow
  • don’t use too much products – it will leave hair heavy, making it lose body and shape
  • when you are on the beach protect your hair the way you would for your skin

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