Foundation For Every Skin Type

Foundation is the key part of creating the look of flawless, even toned skin. Choosing the right type is important to not only look good, but to keep you skin healthy as well. Using the right once can help keep the face looking fresh for extended periods of time. Foundation is also key in keeping makeup pulled together and skin moisturized. It is important to take the time to try out and test different types to find the one that is perfect for ones specific skin type. Whether you are buying at your local beauty supply store or at a department store, certain tips should be followed.

The first step in choosing is to take into consideration what type of skin one has. Those with dry skin should consider using a foundation that is heavy on the moisturizer. While those that deal with oily skin or from severe acne breakouts, should choose an oil-free once. Foundations can also offer different types of finishes. These finishes range from sheer, light weight coverage to a heavy matte finish.

Choosing the right color can be a difficult task. Foundations almost always look slightly darker when they are in the bottle. Test the color along the jaw line. Make sure to wash the face and remove all makeup before shopping. There are also many makeup counters that offer full makeovers to try on and find the right color. Foundation should seem as if it disappears into the skin and there should be no visible line showing where it has been applied. Always look at the makeup in natural light, if the coloring does not match, keep searching through the large selection of options.

Choosing the right brand can be daunting. Contrary to popular belief, the best makeup isn’t necessarily the most expensive. Drugstore makeup brands typically contain the same ingredients that the higher-end cosmetics use.

The success of a foundation, as with any type of makeup, hinges on many factors. Skin type, coloring, texture, tone, and the wearer’s age are all things to keep in mind when picking out. This method can get expensive, so your best bet is to find free samples, request a quickie makeover from a department store makeup counter, or borrow from friends and family. Reading reviews on the Internet and in magazines can help narrow down your decision, as well.

Foundation makeup is found in three different formulas- powder, cream, and liquid. Powder is sold either loose in a small jar, or packed firm into a cake and sold in a compact. Powder is the best for those with oily skin, or if you need a very sheer coverage. Powdered is relatively simple to apply.

Dip a large, bushy cosmetic brush or powder puff applicator into the powder, than tap it against the edge of the jar or compact to remove any excess. Blend the powder over your entire face, repeating the step until it is completely applied.

Liquid is sold in a jar, dispensed in either a pump-action spout or poured directly out of the mouth of the jar. Liquid formulas are the best if you prefer a heavier, more substantial coverage. Liquids are the perfect choice if your skin is dry, as the liquid will not only even skin tone, but moisturize as well. Applying a liquid foundation is a bit trickier than applying powdered formulas. To start, simply pour or pump a nickel-sized spot onto a cosmetic sponge. Dot the formula onto your forehead, chin, the bridge of your nose, and each cheek. Using short, light brushing motions, blend the foundation across your entire face.

Cream foundations are excellent for combination skin types, as well as dry skin, whether the cream is light and whipped, or thick and concentrated. They are put on in the same manner that liquids are applied.

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