Foundation For Every Skin Type

Foundation is the key part of creating the look of flawless, even toned skin. Choosing the right type is important to not only look good, but to keep you skin healthy as well. Using the right once can help keep the face looking fresh for extended periods of time. Foundation is also key in keeping makeup pulled together and skin moisturized. It is important to take the time to try out and test different types to find the one that is perfect for ones specific skin type. Whether you are buying at your local beauty supply store or at a department store, certain tips should be followed.

The first step in choosing is to take into consideration what type of skin one has. Those with dry skin should consider using a foundation that is heavy on the moisturizer. While those that deal with oily skin or from severe acne breakouts, should choose an oil-free once. Foundations can also offer different types of finishes. These finishes range from sheer, light weight coverage to a heavy matte finish.

Choosing the right color can be a difficult task. Foundations almost always look slightly darker when they are in the bottle. Test the color along the jaw line. Make sure to wash the face and remove all makeup before shopping. There are also many makeup counters that offer full makeovers to try on and find the right color. Foundation should seem as if it disappears into the skin and there should be no visible line showing where it has been applied. Always look at the makeup in natural light, if the coloring does not match, keep searching through the large selection of options.

Choosing the right brand can be daunting. Contrary to popular belief, the best makeup isn’t necessarily the most expensive. Drugstore makeup brands typically contain the same ingredients that the higher-end cosmetics use.

The success of a foundation, as with any type of makeup, hinges on many factors. Skin type, coloring, texture, tone, and the wearer’s age are all things to keep in mind when picking out. This method can get expensive, so your best bet is to find free samples, request a quickie makeover from a department store makeup counter, or borrow from friends and family. Reading reviews on the Internet and in magazines can help narrow down your decision, as well.

Foundation makeup is found in three different formulas- powder, cream, and liquid. Powder is sold either loose in a small jar, or packed firm into a cake and sold in a compact. Powder is the best for those with oily skin, or if you need a very sheer coverage. Powdered is relatively simple to apply.

Dip a large, bushy cosmetic brush or powder puff applicator into the powder, than tap it against the edge of the jar or compact to remove any excess. Blend the powder over your entire face, repeating the step until it is completely applied.

Liquid is sold in a jar, dispensed in either a pump-action spout or poured directly out of the mouth of the jar. Liquid formulas are the best if you prefer a heavier, more substantial coverage. Liquids are the perfect choice if your skin is dry, as the liquid will not only even skin tone, but moisturize as well. Applying a liquid foundation is a bit trickier than applying powdered formulas. To start, simply pour or pump a nickel-sized spot onto a cosmetic sponge. Dot the formula onto your forehead, chin, the bridge of your nose, and each cheek. Using short, light brushing motions, blend the foundation across your entire face.

Cream foundations are excellent for combination skin types, as well as dry skin, whether the cream is light and whipped, or thick and concentrated. They are put on in the same manner that liquids are applied.

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    • Fran wrote:
      I need a safe foundation for mature skin, over 60

    • Fam wrote:
      Revlon always has the best result. My skin is oily and my pores are quite big, and Revlon makeup always give the best results.

    • CORY wrote:

    • lorraine yeager wrote:
      very oily in T zone and need a foundation and moisturizer

    • carla moore wrote:
      im looking for a foundation for dry skin. Im a 20years old! I want a makeup that is long lasting and has a good coverage. I have tried mac studio sculpt and Shesiedo and Estee Lauder double wear and none of them seem to last past lunchtime. i also use mac mineralize over my foundation.I have clear enough skin it just looks a bit dull without makeup. Please help...

    • Tracy wrote:
      I need a foundation that will last all day. soften fine lines, and control oily skin. I don't think there is such a product. Please help.

    • Amy wrote:
      i have dry skin, my forehead can get quite spotty and i want a fountation that will last all day (:

    • Charlene wrote:
      Hi I have very, very dry and really sensitive skin with very high colouring .I'm actually a make up artist so have tried lot's of different foundations to try solve the problem the other thing is I like a flawless dewy look and if possable a great creamy colour, am I asking too much??? Any suggestions?

    • carol wrote:
      I need a foundation that's for dry skin, one that will be dewy and give my face a radiant, uplifting look! I'm a young 50, and my skin without makeup is dull and kind of sallow. Some makeups turn me more yellow or orangey! I just want one that makes me look alive and glowing! What do you suggest? Thanks! P.S. I tried Estee Lauder revitalizing foundation, and it did nothing for my skin, It was blah! I have blond hair and blue eyes and med. skin tone.

    • Channell wrote:
      hi there, i am 21 years old and have combination skin (t zone is oily and cheeks tend to be dry), my skin is also sensative and prone to breaking out!! what is the best foundation to use that won't irritate my skin or come off and stuff? i am medium/dark skin tone, with dark brown hair and light brown eyes

    • Ruthie wrote:
      Hi There,I have very sensitive skin,I'm looking for a foundation fragrance free and for sensitive skin,no matte plz...I tried that and It was hard to put on my face,it was face gets easily irritated,I have to be careful what products I put on my face....Plz no cover girl,I can't use that either,since they changed their foundation,it irritated my skin...Plz help me....Thank You....Ruthie

    • MeMee wrote:
      Clinique sucked @$$ for my skin , i have oily skin and it made me break out like baad. And yes i did use the oil-free ones. People with oily skin should stay clear from liquid foundations and go for powder and such . All or most foundations 2 me do have a smell wether it says scented or not . I don't use foundation now just concealer where i need it cause i've collected alot of skin secrets and tips which kick @$$ lol . also if you don't want your make-up 2 "move" throughout the day you should set it with a translucent powder. I use the almay smart shade concealer because it blends beautifully =)

    • Advice For You wrote:
      I can help you girls/guys with any skin problems you need answers too so if you really need help you can e-mail me or add me to msn , ganja_queen01@ hotmail . com <- remove the spaces when you add/email me . Ya i know the e-mail is wierd but It's an old one I still use =)

    • Cindy wrote:
      I am 52 years old and I have large pores--I am trying to find a makeup that will minimize them yet I also need antiaging elements. What do you suggest?

    • s votsmier wrote:
      What types of foundation are best for not enhancing facial hair. I am a 16 year old, blond hair, fair complected girl. I have sensitive skin with redness, mild acne, and I just have the typical peach fuzz but a bit heavier fuzz near my sides of my cheeks. If I do too much liquid foundation, it will turn the peach fuzz near my cheeks, orange. Please Help!!!

    • Kay G wrote:
      I really liked virtual skin by Prescriptives - what is the best substitute for this foundation now that they no longer make it? Also, I liked the Neutrogena Pump style powder, and of course they have changed the container, and the new is harder to apply- Where can I get the discontinued pump powder? Thanks much.

    • shanae stewart wrote:
      i live in the caribbean (Jamaica) and i need to know watts best for my skin

    • Tavia Bacchas wrote:
      I live in the caribbean(jamaica).I have dry skin,what foundation is recommended for my skin type?Plz hlp .Thank much

    • linda wrote:
      clinique is great for me as i'm62 it gives lovely finish without looking like a clown

    • Helen wrote:
      Hi I am 27 years old and have combination skin (t zone is oily and my other skin is smooth) I always get pimples above my lip, chin and near my eye brows. I have been using a Napelon foundation stick for 6 years and now recently using Payot to clean my skin, I just found out that Napelon has perfume in it. What is my best option to clear my skin and what is the best foundation? Do you think the new product Payot that I have been using for 6 weeks is also an issue as it has not cleared my skin at all. Can you please help me I am sick of the pimples at age 27 and spending so much money on products that don;t suit me Thanks :) what is the best foundation to use that won’t irritate my skin or come off and stuff? i am medium/dark skin tone, with dark brown hair and light brown eyes

    • Candi wrote:
      I have cobination/oily skin- that is problematic. I am in the entertainment industry so I need a base that is going to cover all flaws yet not get oily mid day, that is long wearing and wont rub off in process of changing costumes etc? Pls help- I have a red undertone and naturally i am ash blonde but dye my hair light brown and have green eyes. Pls suggest a foundation that will look absoultely fantastic all day and night thru with out touching up or with out trying to hide my face as it breaks out. Thanks

    • jam e sabuhi wrote:
      my skin is very dry and sensitive.whenever i use foundation the patches of dryness appear there and does not i leave it to use the foundation please tell me how can i apply the right kind of foundation which can suits me and match with my complexion.

    • V Cunningham wrote:
      The applications all look great however I have very very very sensitive skin (UV ray sensitivity) plus I have tried 100's of creams etc to no avail - can you help please?

    • lovingmyself wrote:
      Hello everyone, I am a black woman, 31 yrs old, I have the oiliest skin, so trust I have been to the top dermatologists that NYC has, okay, the best foundation, hmmmn, well for me, so far, Revlon ColorStay Combination/Oily Skin, also Chanel oily skin care line, moisturizer is essential, yes even with oily skin, I use only organic products for my skin, the current line called "Devita" (Mother and my top fav, "Nude" skincare, (at Sephora), I swear by this, as soon as you finish washing ur face, well for me, I run to the freezer to get an ice cube, rub all over my face over the bathroom sink, until it dissolves, then I pat from around my eyes, and let it air dry, trust me this works soooo good, some people experience dryness, I have not, then proceed with your toner and moisturizer on top, then apply your choice of whatever oil control makeup you chose, now I also after using my toner, use the Milk of Magnesia across my T-Zone, usually in the summertime though, for those who havent tried it, yes, it works wonders, just take a cotton swab, some use a makeup brush, SHAKE VERY WELL, the apply the smallest amount after you use your toner, wait a couple of secs till it dries, if you see white spots, that is okay, use less next time, dab ur finger with a drop or two of water, and rub over the spots, but since I use the Revlon ColorStay, I just leave it there and put the liquid foundation right on top, then I use a transulucent powder to set it, or Covergirl oil control powder(in the blue case), please do not use the Mineral one, trust me, the makeup sits on top of ur face and makes ur pores big, but the regular one is fine for me anyhow, I hope this helps someone

    • beautytipshub wrote:
      just got an idea about ten foundation in the market from @beautytipshub. One should choose foundation acc. to skin tone

    • Person wrote:
      I used Clinique perfectly real foundation and I hated it. I have really oily skin and then other parts of my face that flake out (literally) and everyone said I was wearing to much makeup and it was soooooo noticable and it was $30.00. Then I bought covergirl foundation for oily skin and I love it, it was $8.50 at Walmart and one of the best things I ever bought, I keep compact powder in my locker because with 2hours my nose gets all shiny but besides that it's great!

    • faith wrote:
      Hi, I have very fair skin. I have dry skin but also suffer from acne. I would like a foundation to help cover some scarring and occational spots.

    • ToniBaby wrote:
      Try Max-factor Or Rimmel London They work :) x

    • Christabel wrote:
      HI, I am medium to dark skin in complextion, and have a dry combination oily skin, oily in the t-zone area, which foundation, is best for my type? Thanks

    • Eileen wrote:
      My skin issues are oily T-zone and normal to dry on the rest of my skin, sensitive, rosacea and older with fine lines AND large pores. I am fair skinned with blonde hair. It seems impossible to me to find the right foundation that gives medium coverage, reduces the appearance of fine lines and stay on more than an hour. Please help. Thanks!

    • Rania wrote:
      hi my skin is very dry even if i am applying mouistrising cream and i need a foundation which is liquid and does not show the pores and covers good ,i tried revlon and other brand still i did not reach the right one thanks

    • Montana wrote:
      I use Photoready foundation and it works really well but i feel like it dries my skin out sometimes but the thing I like about it is it covers my face really well and it has little specks of shimmer so in the sunlight your face shimmers and it works really well but I need some suggestions on a new foundation. Any suggestions??

    • anita wrote:
      I need a foundation to cover lines

    • Harjot wrote:
      Hello, i have oil skin, and i have lots of marks on my skin.. i want a foundation, that can last for ahole day without showing up.....can you suggest me something?????/

    • merita wrote:
      Im 70 yera old and have very dry skin. Whick makeups do you recomend?

    • farahkhurram wrote:
      i use maybelline foundation, y its not included in the best of fondatios, n one think more i wod like to ask u i have got only foundation but not the powder so i use powder of anothore company that is "etude" so will dis affect the quality of foundation? or i should use the same comany's powder

    • Laura wrote:
      I am 26 years old, medium brown hair, green eyes,medium skin tone. I have always treated my skin as oily therefore always using oil free products. However over the last few months my t zone continue's to be oily and by mid day greasy lifting my make up, but my cheeks look like they are starting to age, dry and appear like they are losing their elasticity, looking like a lined face of a smoker?? I seem to be breaking out in more blemishes, black heads and have larger than usual pores. I usually use revlon flex technology foundation for oily skin but this seems to be hindering my skin, please can you help and recommend a foundation that will return my skin to looking 26 yrs old and not 36 yrs old!!

    • Judy wrote:
      I am an Independent Beauty Consultant. I have been using Mary Kay products for about 30 years. People tell me that my skin looks much younger than my age. I have extremely oily skin. I rarely get breakouts. Customers of mine who have dry skin, love the products for dry skin...reduces lines & wrinkles. The main reason foundation doesn't seem to last all day is often due to improper cleansing of the face. Facial cleanser and moisturizer for your proper skin type should be used by everyone before applying foundation. The dull appearance is usually due to dead skin cells. Sun protection should also be used by of the leading causes of aging. Mary Kay products rock...excellent value for the quality!

    • Angela wrote:
      I am dark skinned with a tough skin texture,I hav been battling to eliminate pimples give myself a soft,glowing,silky skin. Buts its really difficult,what do I do?

    • Mary wrote:
      I have been a dermatologist for 25 years and would highly recommend Lycogel uk, please do a review on it beauty advices to see how effect it is as a foundation in it's revolutionary technology.

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