5 Things You Should Know About Fake Eyelashes According to Real Experts

So you’ve come across this mesmerizing, stunning-looking woman, with thick, long, pitch-black eyelashes that just cast a spell on anyone she lays her eyes on! No need to worry, you can tone up your eye make up to look just as rich through the application of fake eyelashes. You can turn every day into a special occasion by using artificial eyelashes to boost your look and feel fabulous all day long or at special events and celebrations.

Although fake eyelashes are a great beauty accessory that will surely give you a Hollywood look, there are a few things that the ladies should know about them before making any decisions. We’ve contacted the experts from Chicago Eyelash Extensions Salon for some professional insights!

Fake Eyelashes and Eyelash Extensions

No, they are not the same. Although both are used to provide a fuller and more complete eye look, fake eyelashes differ from eyelash extensions. Both are used to fill the gaps that mascara is not able to but they differ in nature. Fake eyelashes can be applied by you at home as they are a ready-made set that is easily glued above your natural eyelashes and removed after the occasion or at the end of the day. Lash extensions, on the other hand, are applied by a professional and have a more long-term effect, as they last for more than two weeks.

What You Should Know About Fake Eyelashes

There are a number of reasons to go for fake eyelashes instead of lash extensions. Most importantly, they are less expensive and can be applied whenever needed at home. They can come in handy when you most need them without the necessity of having them on all day, every day, like eyelash extensions.

But let’s look at the most important things to keep in mind about fake lashes!

1. They are not all the same

Fake eyelashes can be bought online or at a local beauty store but you must choose the right ones for you as they don’t come in one shape and size. Fake lashes will widely vary in thickness, length, color, or even shape. Depending on the look that you are going after, you can choose lashes that will help you get those cat eyes that you have been in love with or go for a more natural looking tone up.

Hint: You can trim your fake eyelashes gently to get the best length if you have gone for ones that are too unnatural looking.

2. Make-up Comes First

Now, the good news is that fake eyelashes still leave room for additional makeup and your look will be complete and glamorous. However, it’s advisable to apply your make-up before gluing your eyelashes on, making them the cherry on top of the cake! If you try applying lashes first you will see that it will be difficult to get the same effect from eyeshadow as it may fall onto the lashes.

Hint: If you have already applied your fake lashes but need make-up, finish the application with black eyeliner over the glued part of the lashes to smooth out any imperfections.

3. Avoid Water

Fake eyelashes are in no way waterproof so if you know that there is a chance of you getting a little bit emotional at the event or occasion where you will be wearing fake lashes, avoid it. Putting fake lashes in contact with water can cause the separation from the eyelashes from the eye or can even lead to infections or discomfort as the glue may enter the eye, causing pain.

4. Check the Glue

In most cases, when you buy fake eyelashes they will come in a set with lash glue. The glue contains latex and it is important to make sure that you are not allergic and this will not cause any negative impacts on your skin or eyes. Make sure to check the description to avoid any problems.

Hint: Most glue comes in a white color but there is also a black glue option, which looks better when applying, especially if you are wearing black eyeliner with the lashes.

5. Application Techniques

If this will be your first time applying fake eyelashes by yourself, we will have to lie if we said that it is a piece of pie. It may take a few attempts before you finally glue them on perfectly. Lashes usually come in a straight shape and you should bend them inwards a bit to create a C-shape that will fit your eyelids.

Hint: When applying, start from one end of the lid and start pressing down towards the other end, following the natural curve of the eye.

Fake lashes are fun to try and definitely beautiful to look at so we highly advise that you experiment with them if they are something new for you. We hope that this list provides more insight on their nature and will help you have a smooth and easy first try!

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