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A French Pedicure
One of the cool things about being a woman is getting your feet done. However, when you get it done at the salon it will cost about twenty five dollars. You can do it much cheaper at home. I like to have a nice elegant French pedicure on my toes. Let us look at how to do this sexy look for our feet at home.

You will need three colors for a French pedicure, clear nail polish, white and light pink or pale peach for the under tone base. These nail polishes can be brought at drugstores for about three dollars. Make sure the color for the base is not thick because you will be applying one to two coats and if it is extremely thick, it will take forever for it to dry. You will also need blue painters tape; you can get this at any hardware store.

Clip and shape your toenails. Make sure to thoroughly wash your feet to ensure that you do not have any residue from shaping your toes. Place your nail polishes and blue painters tape beside you on an even surface. You need to ensure you can reach them rather easily. Also place your hair dryer close by.

Paint the toenail with the light pink or pale peach polish. Use your hair dryer to assist with them drying. Then reapply another coat of the same polish. Dry once again with the hair dryer. Repeat this process on all of your toes.

Rip a piece of blue painters tape, ensure it is enough to wrap around a toe. Line a piece of blue tape up with the natural white tips of your toenails.

After you have the tape securely on your toenails, use a thin coast of white polish to paint your tips. Turn your hairdryer on the lowest setting and point it at your toe to dry. Repeat the process until all of your toes are painted.

Once dry, carefully peel off the blue painters tape. Lightly touch your toes to ensure that they have dried. Once they are dry enough, polish your toes with the clear nail polish. Dry your toes one more time with the hair dryer. Your toes are now ready to show off.

That is how you do a French pedicure at home. The money you saved from not paying for pedicures can be used for a sexy new pair of sandals to show off your super sexy toes.

How To Do Pedicure At Home

A well done pedicure can enhance the appearance of your feet and toenails which are often a neglected part of the body. Pedicure includes trimming, shaping, polishing toenails, as well as feet massage.

You will need:

  • a basin
  • bath soak
  • nail polish remover
  • emery board
  • towel
  • cuticle oil
  • pumice stone
  • toe separator
  • nail polish
  • top coat base
  • moisturizer

The first thing you should do is to remove the old nail polish using nail polish remover. Transport a basin of warm water to a cozy chair. Add some oil or bath soak in it.

The oil smooths the skin, smooths the nails’ surface and makes the cuticles supple. Soak your feet for about 20 minutes. File your nails using an emery board. File them straight across each nail. Remember always file in one direction. Keep the length 3 mm shy of the tips of your toes for a groomed look. remember: never cut your nails if they are wet as they will be more prone to tearing. Smooth cuticle oil over your cuticles and leave it to work for a few minutes and then push the cuticles back using an orange stick. Run the stick under your nails to clean them. Use pumice stone on the sole and back of the heel to remove any rough skin.

Use a foot scrub to slough away the dead skin cells on the balls and heel of your feet. The scrub will leave your feet feeling smooth and fresh.Make sure your nails are completely dry before applying nail polish. Use the toe separator to create space between toes. Splurge on a good base coat. Apply one sweep of polish down the center of the nail and then continue on either side. Apply two coats of colored polish. When the nail polish is completely dry, remove the toe separator and apply a dusting of foot powder.Use a cotton bud dipped in remover to clean up around the edges.

  1. For a heel scrub you can mix milk, baking soda and salt.
  2. If you want to nourish your feet, to make them silky and smooth you can cover them with a thick layer of Vaseline and put on a pair of socks before going to bed.
  3. Never go to bed or wear shoes until the polish is completely dry.
  4. Never file your nails too deep.
  5. Shimmer polish enhances a tan, while bright colors and complement an outfit.
  6. Use foot cream to soften the skin

Perfect Pedicure in 4 steps:

  1. The first step to giving a pedicure is to remove old polish from your nails. Use polish remover to soak a cotton pad to rub off the polish.
    Use high quality nail clippers for toenails. Cut nail straight across. Do not clip the edges of your toenails. Use a file to round the nails at the corners. Only move the file in one direction.
  2. To soften your feet, you will need to soak them. Use a plastic tub filled with warm water. You can add bath salts or Epsom salt to the water too. Soak for about 10 minutes. For extra rough feet, soak longer. A professional tip is to add a quarter cup of milk to the water with the salts or oils.
    Use cuticle remover to soften the cuticle. Leave the remover on a minute and then push the cuticle back with an orange wood stick. Use cuticle clippers to remove the loose skin being careful no to cut your flesh around you nail.
  3. The next step to an awesome pedicure is to scrub your feet. You will want to use an exfoliating scrub or a wet pumice stone. Apply the scrub to a file if you are using that method. Scrub all the rough places on your foot.
    After you scrub your feet make sure you dry them. Pay close attention to drying between your toes. Invest in a high quality foot cream, and rub it all over your feet. You can even go up your calves for a finished feeling. Take care of the cuticles by rubbing some cuticle oil in them.
  4. Use polish remover to rid the nails of any oils on the nails. Apply a base coat. Let that thin coat dry, and then apply another coat. To seal the polish apply a clear top coat. Carefully clean up any mishaps with the polish remover. Let nails dry completely before doing any activities involving the feet.
    Now you are set to show off your beautiful feet for the summer. A nice toe ring would accent the pretty polished toes. You could also add an anklet to showcase your nice soft feet.

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