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Want to look superb, stylish and beautiful? We are a hot-spot resource for all beauty tips and makeup trends! There is no formula or procedure that is suitable for every woman - read all posts and take the best that is right up to you!

We will help you by sharing our own tips, homemade recipes and expert advices. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with all current trends and styles.

Our team: 3 ladies, one website, passion and lovely dedication.

Our articles have been quoted hundreds of thousands times in different sites, blogs, forums, even magazines. 6 years of experience learned us to write better, to analyze in depth the topics, to consult with medical doctors, dermatologist, even with professional hair-stylists.

The secret to our lust writing here is to share with you, for absolutely free, the information we've collected. It is not easy to look perfect with lots of money, it is even harder without budget for makeup products.

Remember: not always the most expensive is the best, so do not get obsessed with all these ads for life-changing products, don't get lost in your mind, don't get fast decisions before investing big amounts in cosmetics you are not sure how to use. Consult with our articles or with your dermatologist before doing anything you are not sure how to do.

Keep in mind that one thing can work for you, other not. For example if your skin is oily don't read the articles for dry skin. They will confuse you and even can harm your skin. It is absolutely important to understand your own body and apply only the tips for your exact type! Keep this in mind when reading articles for your hair, skin, makeup.

It is strongly recommended to consult with dermatologist or other specialist if you have serious health issues! Reading these articles cannot replace expert consultation. Please, understand that - it is really important for your health, do not underestimate the risk of permanent troubles. Sometimes the dermatologist can cure you after only 5-minute consultation.

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